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Confused about surgery

Hi I'm not really sure where to start as I'm new to all this but here goes.

I was referred to a gynaecologist a few weeks ago for suspected endometriosis ( this is what the gp thought it was) my appointment to be honest was not what I was expecting he just didn't listen to me. Before the physical exam he was telling me it was more likely to be Ibs ( I've had tummy problems for the past 12 years and only pelvic pain for the last year) he told me that because I bloat a lot and im not bleeding ( I'm on the mini pill) it's unlikely to be endo.

He then did his physical and suddenly changed his tune by saying he wanted to book me in for a lap. I'm now very confused as I've got from its IBS to surgery.

Now I've been left not really knowing what's happening and why while waiting for my letter from the hospital. I'm worried they won't find anything but surely he wouldn't operate if he though there was nothing.

Any advice or reassurance would be great.

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Hi! I knew there was something wrong with me, I seen doctors/consultants and one said I had just an sti! Which I hadn't ever had one & when they tested I hadn't! I got booked in for a lap, they sent me for my op last as didn't think it was serious and found around 20 little cysts on both my ovaries and my womb lining growing on the outside of my womb! I had it all burnt off while under the anasthetic. But basically you know how you feel, you know when your not well and just keep persisting! I had mine 2.5 weeks ago and recovered after 4 days :) back to work and off pain meds

Take care xx


Hi Vexien, I have had similar experience to yours. I've had a few cysts in the past an currently have one on my left ovary. When I saw my gynae he was saying oh its probably a gastro issue (I get a lot of nausea, vomiting, constipation and then going the other way completely, sorry tmi). And then after internal examination, he said actually the utero sacral ligaments do not feel right and booked me in for a lap which I'm having next Monday! I am constantly worried they may not find anything and I would have to keep dealing with this ( I have been under gastro for 6 months and have had all the tests in the book done, apart form colonoscopy - everything is normal). If the gynae wants to give you a lap, he must have a good reason. Some people will tell you how much they have to fight to get one. Having said that, don't worry too much that its something horrible - there is so much that they can do at every stage xxx hope this helps :)


Hi Vexian,

Don't worry, a laparoscopy is the only definitive way to diagnose Endometriosis - ultrasounds can rule out other things, but they don't show endo.

I'm surprised your gynae said what he said about the ibs, as when I eventually saw a gynae who really understood endo (although he still wasn't a specialist Endo gynaecologist - see posts on here by 'Lindle' about these, and specialist BSGE endo clinics if you are in the UK), he said that the ibs I'd been told I had (by gastros) was almost certainly endo on the outside of my bowel ...

So, I was actually pleased for you that your gynae has gone on to schedule a 'lap'. Though you might still want to consider a 'specialist endo clinic'.

Take care.

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For years I was told I had IBS and colitis but I knew something wasn't right. I finally got referred for a lap and it diagnosed endo. I'm so glad that I went as there are now answers to the pain questions I had for years. Make sure you get referred to a BSGE clinic as my first lap wasn't and there were complications. I'm now with a specialist clinic who have been fab. Good luck x

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Goodness me Loulou24 - we not only share a name - but also a very similar experience! And I agree with your comment 100%

Vexien - did your Gyne examine you internally? That's when mine decided that a number of my internal organs are fused to my bowel - causing it to twist and distort... they can tell just by feeling.. it's amazing. I also have some very big chocolate cysts that had shown up on an ultrasound.

I've been told it's IBS, Gluten in tolerance, full on coeliac, bad luck, not as bad as you think, and my favourite "nothing to worry about"... all over the course of 25 years. My endo diagnosis was 5 months ago - I'm 39... I'm trying very hard to get over how unfair it all is(I have no kids and it's probably why - and it's getting late now) But i'm getting there.

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I had an internal but I was put to sleep as the pain when they first tried was unbearable. I have to go back next month as the pain is still so bad. I am permanently exhausted which is not great with the job I have. I am having to rethink if I may have to leave the profession I love. I find that bread products don't help me either. I hope things go well with you. I was told when I came round from my op earlier this year if I wanted children I needed to try straight away but I had been offered a new job and I have little maternity rights when I first start. I feel so stuck in the middle. My partner and I are thinking of adopting but again that will be in the future.


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