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don't know what to do


Iv had endo since june, since Novemeber I have had a new pain to which the doctor put me on different pills and painkillers to stop this pain no such luck. She put me on Norethisterone to stop the periods to see if this helped..... Regular endo pain that im used to stopped but this new pain didnt.

I am seeing the gyno monday and was just wondering, if it was my endo causing this pain wouldnt that of stopped with my periods stopping? How do i make the gyno listen to me, he sent me away last time even tho i was in tears when he touched my cervix......... just so fed up and need action, If it is my endo thats developed or gone elsewhere I want proof not him just guessing as when i had my appendix out in august they assumed the pain was my endo and 4 days later a sceptic, pussy appendix was removed.

any advice would be appreciated.

thanks x

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Endometriosis can cling to scar tissue. Maybe because of your recent appendectomy the endometriosis has clung there and that's why you're experiencing a new more persistent pain ? Suggest it to the doctor and see what he says X


I don't want him to just guess though, I am very wary since my appendix because they tried to say that was my endometriosis i want proof for piece of mind if nothing else


If you suggest that's the pain though and say you want a resolution hopefully he will perform a laparoscopy to know for sure, push for it if you must. Hope all goes well and you get the answers you want x


thank you x


Try and be seen by an endo specialist. The BSGE website will list the current specialist centres.


Thanks will look into this


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