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what to do next??

I was put on cerazette back to back 7 weeks ago to stop my periods but it doesnt seem to be working. I had my first period and since my second ive not stopped. been bleeding now for two weeks. the only thing it has done is eased the pain. I had another scan this week which has again showed a 2cm endometrioma on my right ovary and a 4cm cyst on my left. sonographer was unclear of left. may be a simple cyst. fingers crossed. should a 2cm endometrioma be removed or is it small enough to just leave? I am also waiting for a camera to check for bowel endo. appointment has come through with a gastroenterologist but ive got to wait til july. all this waiting is really getting me down. I hope as a family we can get through it before it breaks us :'( its been a tough few years

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I was on cerezete last year and it took 6months for it to settle down. Went to see gp after 4months as I was quite concerned with the constant bleeding but she urged me to keep on it. After the 6 month mark it finally stopped. If it helps your pain id say keep going.

Keep your chin up and good luck x


thanks for your reply. I wondered if that might be the case. its so hard when its been going on for so long. I had an op last year and was hoping i would finally be on track for being sorted. but I went from being told I had stage 4 to being told there was nothing.


Did u see an endo specialist? I would demand a 2nd opinion.


ive seen gynae at my local hospital. (royal stoke) it is on the bsge list but ive not seen the consultant it says on the bsge website. im not sure how to go about it.


Are u on Facebook? If u join a group called EndoMetropolis they have a list of accredited endo specialists on there. You prob have to be on a computer to search the page. Its a fab group to be part of!

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I'll have a look for that thanks. the royal stoke hospital is on the bsge list but I am under a different consultant to what it states. I was thinking of ringing the secretary to see what they say. hopefully I'll get sorted some time soon.


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