Having a bad day

Feeling really fed up today. All week my endometreosis symptoms have been getting worse. This morning I woke however and no problems, but then driving to work the most intense pelvic pain came on to the point where I thought I was going to be physically sick in the car. Have been sat at my desk dosed up on codeine and ibro and have had a hot water bottle pretty much stuck to my stomach all morning. Am feeling wiped out and it's not even lunch time.

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  • I hope your day has improved since you wrote this, but if not I just wanted to say I hope you feel better asap! Sending lots of hugs and positive energy your way! :) xxx

  • Sending you a hug! You need a hot bath and bed! How did work go? Did you manage to stay? If so you're very brave x

  • Hi there i di hope you are feeling better today ? Have you seen your doctor ? It might be best just to be on the safe side x

  • I hope you feel better get a massage and drink some warm tea you need the pampering.

  • Thanks for the lovely messages ladies. I managed to stay at work all day. Symptoms eased after 4 hours of having a hot water bottle literally strapped to my stomach at my desk plus painkillers, which made me feel very drained. Had an early night that night. Must say the endo has been worse the past two weeks - symptoms varying in terms of intensity. Kicked off again last night after being in bed half an hour, and woke this morning with more bleeding. First time I've had a curry since surgery, and the combination of having endo and curry clearly didn't work. This is the first food that has actually flared my symptoms up. Normally I eat healthy eg, fruit, veg, salmon, plenty of white meats. Does anyone else find certain foods flaring their symptoms up badly? xx

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