Today's the day!

Ok so today is the day I go in for my laparoscopy.

Feeling very nervous this morning already!! Been up since 6.30 for my breakfast and a cuppa before 7am when I'm not allowed to eat or drink tea!

I've got lots of mixed emotions today, I'm glad the day is here so we can hopefully have an idea of what's wrong but at the same time nervous and worried!!i have to go in at 12.30 so hopefully will all be over with relatively quick although knowing the nhs i doubt it!! Does anyone know how log the procedure takes aprox??

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  • Hello first of all hope you get a diagnosis and second of all big hugs. I am not at the laparoscopy bit yet. My pain started last July so nearly a year ago ! Did you get put on Zoladex? I have had 4 laproscopys not for investigation but for sterillisation dermoid cyst infection and gallstones. The procedure is quick have you rang the hospital to see if the bed still free don't know if its the same but i know the earlier you get down there the better. Please let me know how you get on x

  • I go in for my Lap next Monday so I feel your nerves!

    Fingers crossed it goes well for you xxx

  • My thoughts are with you hope everything went well, I am supposed to be in next Monday too and my name is Liz LIz1984 but date has been moved to next thurs instead as it was over booked.

  • First of all good luck to all of you, secondly don't be too nervous, I had a lap in February and it was not as scary as I expected at all! Due to the fact that you have to stay in for 4 hours after you come round they generally try to get you in as early as possible, before lesser surgeries so fingers crossed you won't be hanging around too long before hand. Take a good book for after though! All the best to you all. X

  • Hope everything went well yesterday and that you got a diagnosis.

    I had mine last week so happy to help if i can

  • Just posted another update blog :)

  • Hi, I had my first lap on may 21st. I went down to theatre about 11, went in fr operation at around 11:20 and when I woke up in recovery it was 12:45 :) very quick and a breeze x

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