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Bad day

Sorry all im pretty new here,

Just needed to vent really.

I havent yet been diagnosed with endo, im awaiting a lap which is supposed to be this month, (the wait is driving me crazy)

I have good an bad days painwise. Today was a bad day have been curled up on the sofa all day in pain taken ibruprofen an it hasnt touched my pain.

Nighttime i barely sleep due to pain as soon a i lay down the pain just sets straight in.

I am feeling pretty depressed in myself as i have a 22month old and a 4 and 5 year old. And hate them seeing me like this.

Im rambling on now sorry, looks like yet another trip to gps for stronger pain relief tomorrow.


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Vent away - it’s what this board is for. I’ve only been posting for a few days and everyone is so nice. There is so much information on here. I find keyword searching really helpful. My poor family have watched me suffer for 20 years. My 14 year old now texts me to check I’m ok and if I’m in pain. They have to grow up fast and be there for you when it should be the other way round. Keep your chin up xxxxxx


Hang on in there and count the days until your Lap. day. If and when diagnosed you will find you will be given better pain control whether that's in the form of a hormone to dampen down the endo or a period pain/blood loss control eg mefamic acid, I bless the day I was prescribed mefamic acid. But everyone is different. Good Luck and let us know how you get on.


I was on the implant for years, had it taken out on the 18th december. Waiting for my period to arrive but nothing yet. The pain seems to be getting a lot worse since ive had it took out. Having the mirena coil fitted when ido have my lap xx


Sorry you are in so much pain. I find a hot water bottle helps more than even the stronger painkillers I was prescribed. Hope you find something that will help you. It is no fun being in severe pain, especially if you have young children to look after. Good luck

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Thank you so much for your reply.

I am considering buying a electric heat pad as ive heard good things about them.

Woke up today feeling worse then yesterday as im barely sleeping.

Have appt with my gp today hoping he can help. Hes been pretty good with everything and very understanding. As hes a trained gyne xxx


It may help to get something to help you sleep.

I was prescribed amitriptiline because it is supposed to help with night time pain and aid sleep. I sleep on average 4 hours per night because of pain and quite honesty the tiredness and lack of energy are just as bad as the pain itself. The ami makes me sleep up to 16-20 hours at a time! This may not be practical for you with the young children.

I really hope you have someone to help you with the children, so that you can get the care and treatment you need.

I wish you good luck and I hope 2018 will be a better year for you.

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I only have help when hubby has days off which is 2 days a week. Also if i pop into my mother in laws.

Thank you for your reply it means alot xx


Have been to gp he has prescribed me some sleeping tablets with codeine in and some zapain. Fingers crossed they give me some relief xxx


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