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Bad day

Hey girls,

I'm in need of a serious pick me up today. This is the worst pain day I have had in a long time. It's feels as though someone is trying to pull my uterus out through my back.

Things have been getting gradually worse since my lap and excision 2 years ago and I guess I'm just feeling a bit sorry for myself. I have a gynae appointment on 12th October which I have had to fight to get. I ended up in A&E last month with severe pain and irregular bleeding and as soon as I mentioned I had endo they sent me home and told me to arrange a gynae appointment through my GP. Why is it that even though so many of us suffer daily with this stupid condition that no one takes us seriously??

I'm a medical student and I am currently supposed to be on placement but have had to take the day off due to pain. I've had to lie as to why I am off because I'm not on my period, I'm not "sick" but I just cannot find the right way to explain to people the pain I am in.

Every time I tell someone I have endo they say "aw that's where you get sore periods yeah?". No. It's where I suffer pain, fatigue and embarassement daily.

Sorry for the absolute rant today but I really am feeling hard done by. I'm only 23 and I feel 70 today lying on my sofa with a cup of tea and bag of jelly babies.

Hope the rest of you are having a better day than me 💜 Xxx

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hey. There is nothing i can say to make you feel better, but you aren't alone. Tell your placement the truth, its the only way people will learn.

Bad day here too. Ive had tea and maltesers. Good luck with your upcoming appointment .

Much love xx


I'm so sorry for the way you are feel, it completely sucks. Its so hard to explain it to people, I have just started being blunt with people and will say, I feel like im being stabbed in my vagina, it soon shuts people up, although the pain is so intense and varied it is hard to get he description right. I shared someones endo stories on facebook the other day and my sister text me to say that she never really understood what I was going through until she read that.

I know many people suffer with the diagnoises but I find the ongoing care disgracful. My GP just tells me there is nothing they can do, and when I asked for a referral to a gyno, she refused, I have been to the doctors 6 times in the last 2 weeks and was meant to be on a plane on my way to spain at the moment but have had to cancel as cant walk, and suffering really bad bowel problems. It is scary when you think of life being like this, we just need to fight, fight the gp's and the ignorant people out there and find as much research and information as possible. I fnally got my referral to a BSGE centre after I sent the practice manager a complaint letter and a copy of the NICE


guide lines. Hope you feel better soon x x


completely with you on this. Ive had day from hell. The pain is bad! Been put on stronger painkillers abd advised to haveban early night and hot water bottle. My preop appountment not till nov and ive been off work since july. My ovarys feel like thwy are being pulled down and keep getting shooting pains where i cant even walk 😢. Xx


I know exactly how you feel! Only way I can cope with it is being in hospital on morphine or if it's not bad enough for that but still incredibly painful and can't deal with it I just cry! Just get it all out have a big cry! Get a hot water bottle some home comforts to a DVD on top your self up with pain killers and do anything to try make your self happy! Your not alone! It's hard but life is hard and just hopefully one day there will be a cure for this awful dreadful thing we have! Hope your feeling better stay as strong as poss! And look at some inspirational quotes don't be afraid to cry just let it out


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