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Second lap tomorrow.... Little bit terrified!!

Hiya all..... I'm due in for a lap tomorrow for either an excision or ANOTHER exploratory and to be honest I'm terrified. All I can remember from my last one was the gas pain. And they 3 days later being back in hospital with an abscess bigger then a melon!!! I know I was just really unlucky last time but I can't help but think it's going to happen again!!! And I also don't understand why exploratory is even an option seeing as last year they found my insides where riddled with all sorts??

I'm just looking for a bit of reasurence really :-( x x

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Good luck for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you & hope everything goes smoothly. Its natural to feel nervous and I know what you mean about the gas pain though I found standing / pacing around as well as heat really good. Take care & be gentle on yourself xx


Hey there,

I am sorry to hear you are nervous, it's never nice going in for an op.

They usually say exploratory when they are not sure what they will find, even though they are aware of your history there is no way of knowing what is going on now.

Please try and stay positive, hopefully this time you will make a speedy recovery with no complications.

Good luck will be thinking of you xxxx


Thank you ladies it's very kind of you x x x


Yes, agree with the other replies. It's hard to avoid fear. Try to relax and be positive.

I found that mint tea worked a treat for the gas pain. It is often recommended on this forum. Take some mint teabags in with you and ask for hot water. mint sweets might works too but I have never tried them for gas pain.

Make sure you have some good dvds to watch when you arrive home!

Good luck for tomorrow and your recovery. x


I had a lap last year absolutely horrendous recovery, my hysterectomy three weeks ago was a lot easier.

Every op is different, don't think the worse. Drink peppermint tea, I didn't have any gas problems this time by drinking it , good luck, enjoy the pain relief xxxx


Haha I would enjoy the pain relife except it makes me feel really sick lol x


Good luck!!! Look at it this way.. It's getting dealt with. Be positive and hopefully this time you have a better experience. I remember what it's like although I did not read anything on the procedure until after the op. You'll be fine x


I hope it went OK and you are recovering nicely,

If you would like to talk send me a private message.


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