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1 Month after Laparoscopy and wound started bleeding

Hi just wondering if anyone has had the same issue. I had my laparoscopy just over a month ago and afterwards my wound developed a infection. I was given a antibiotic cream and oral antibiotics and everything seemed to heal up fine. Now a month after the wound at my belly button has started bleeding again and has become very tender to touch. I went to see my nurse who said that it was not infected but just to keep an eye on it. This has been 8 days now and its still bleeding a little. Just wondered if anyone has experienced the same?


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Hey I haven't experienced this but it may be another infection or the same one coming back, or maybe something as small as a stitch not dissolving properly? I'd say go and see your GP or visit a walk in centre to get it checked out. It might be nothing to worry about but it's better to be safe instead of the infection spreading. Good luck and I hope you fully recover soon xx


hi. i would recommend u go back. I too developed an infection. I took two different antibiotics which didnt help. I ended up having a sample of the discharge sent off for testing and it grew a hospital aquired bacteria which was multi drug resistant. 3rd time lucky and seems to be healing nicely on the outside now. but i am awaiting a scan now cause not sure if I have an internal pelvic infection or if ive had a burst cyst because im now spotting between period. one thing ive learnt over the last couple of months is trust your instincts. if u dont think its right it probably isnt. hope u manage to get it sorted x


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