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Hey ladies !

I have been diagnosed endo a few months ago now and am already fed up with medications and pills especially for the pain. Looking on the web, i found a myriad of information on techniques to reduce the pain but don't really know where to start. Have you got any good experience with yoga, essential oil, diet or something else ? What would you recommend ? Are there any books about anything ?

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A lot of peace to all of you


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  • I have found Omega 3 supplements help with my pain, I use the Ultra Omega 3 from Vitabiotics x

  • Worth a try and easy to find thanks ! x

  • Hot water bottle is the best for me and yoga before I got so poorly really helped. Ginger and turmeric teas good and aloe Vera drink also seems to calm stuff. Epsom salts baths and magnesium at bedtime helps too. Hope this helps a bit. Rosemary just a spring in boiling water good too. Henrietta nortons book I found pretty good too.

  • Thanks for your help !!!

  • I've been recommended using a castor oil compress where the main pain is, my friend swears by it. Another of my friends said yoga, nutrition and homeopathic remedies helped her a lot too. I do find yoga really helps :)

  • Interested in nutrition but so many different infos on the web !!

  • How do you do the castor oil compress?

  • Put some neat castor oil on an old rag or flannel and place it over where the pain is. I usually wrap something around me as well to keep it in place :)

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