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Hi I would like some advice and would like to hear if any one has been successful in getting pregnant after having surgery on endo. My story is I have a nine year old boy from a previous relationship but my husband and I have been trying for two and a half years with no luck, I had my op one month ago and the surgeon said they removed all of the endo successfuly so can I be hopeful now that I may be able to fall pregnant, thank you in advance for your help.

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  • Hello! Me! The surgery does make you more fertile temporarily. When did your surgeon say to request help/testing? Mine said 6 months but for you it could be a year. Be positive, that's your best ally :) x

  • Hi ally thanks for the reply we are already with the fatility clinic just waiting on an appointment to go back as they said to once I have had the op, the nurse said to wait 6 months then if no luck to have ivf but unfortunately we are not financially able to do that at the moment as it is going to cost £6000, so I was just hoping on some advice or to see if anyone in the same situation has fallen pregnant. I have started the endo diet to see if that helps as I'm already getting pain back and it's only been 7 weeks since my op x

  • You have a good chance of falling naturally plus there's loads of stuff before IVF. Fertility drugs, IUI. The pain doesn't mean anything is going wrong in concieving. It just sucks. How come you don't qualify for IVF? X

  • Ok great fingers crossed , I don't qualify as I have a 9 year old son from a previous relationship x

  • My sister has just successfully had a baby boy! She conceived him by IVF after endo surgery (she also has a right horn malformation of uterus and on lots of drugs for rheumatoid arthritis). So it can be successful after endo surgery so go for it! I've also got endo which has only recently been diagnosed by being seen on MRI scan. Ive had 2 children by c-section with the underlying endo, so its possible to concieve and deliver with endo. I'm waiting to have surgery myself now. Don't give up as another child is possible,

    Good luck x

  • Thank you very much this has given me much more hope, I'm going to do all that I can to up my chances , I'm going on the endo diet, taking pre- pregnancy vitamins and I'm booked in for acupuncture so all my fingers are crossed , good luck with your op x

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