Getting pregnant?

Hi all, I have had endo for years now and have had 3 laps. After every op they say they can't do anything for me so I'm referred back to another consultant for ANOTHER lap! Going round in circles all the time. I am worried if I leave if too long I won't be able to get pregnant? They have found endo everywhere and clearly is spreading each time, so it's very frustrating. I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to get pregnant or if it's even possible as docs don't seem to know or tell me anything!


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  • I would also like some advise on this if someone can help x

  • I'm not sure anyone could say how long as it differs with everyone. I have stage 3/4 endo and have been trying to get pregnant for nearly 2 years. We have also had a failed IVF cycle in that time. My reserves (AMH and FSH) are all good so it figures that the endo is interfering somehow. I'm having excision surgery before I do any more IVF. I guess there is no answer to your question really. You might be fine or it might take time. You really won't know until you start trying. When they say they can't do anything for you do you mean they just have a look and then leave it?

  • Yes, they take me off their gynae list and say they don't want to see me again?!

  • I was diagnosed with severe endo last April when I had a cyst rupture I'm 27 and don't have children I was 5 old I would need medical help to get pregnant . Following the surgery they put my on a 6 month corse of zoladex. I had my first period about 3 months after finishing the injection and i'm happy to say after trying for 5 years I'm now 9 weeks pregnant .

  • Kayleigh, just wanted to say massive congratulations, I remember some of your posts from a while back. Can I ask how long after your periods came back you managed to conceive? My system has just kicked back in after 11 months of prostap (took 5 months for my periods to come back) and major surgery for extensive excision and treatment of endo, my gynae said I would have the best chance of conceiving during the first 3-6 cycles once my periods returned, so far I've only had 1 period and I'm trying to stay positive and stories like yours help but I really feel like the next 2-5 cycles are going to come round so fast! x

  • Thanks all, but I currently don't have periods as I am on the hormone tablet. Otherwise I bleed continuously with no breaks. This was the only option for me. So really it's quite hard to tell when any period would be. I was on zoladex injections but had terrible side effects and I couldn't continue it anymore

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