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getting pregnant

Im just sat here worrying at whether ill become pregnant one day or not.

Me and my partner want to start trying for a baby around this time next year when I'm about to finish university. Im just worrying about when the time comes. Im dreading coming off the pill because I know it keeps my endo at bay a little bit and when I finally come off the pill am I going to be in agony? Am I even going to want to have sex to try and become pregnant? Ive been on the pill for about 7 years so this is also worrying me as I know the longer your on it the more likely it is to take a while to become pregnant. I hear too many stories about women with endometriosis having miscarriages and I don't think I will be able to cope if I have one.

I just don't know I'm so worried and scared and haven't really thought about this until now.

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Hey hun,

One thing iv learnt in life is that not all of us are the same despite all the horror stories surrounded by endo and pregnancy, we just don't know what our journey is until it comes to our turn my aunt had severe endo was told she would never have children she had three and was fine, here's me with mild endo have a daughter also have had 6 miscarriages found out iv got a hereditary blood clotting disorder that puts me at higher risk for miscarriage and I'm now 14 weeks pregnant. Don't start worrying your self now about the what ifs concentrate on your life now and hopefully all will be fine hun if not you'll deal with it at that time, what I will say is maybe research fertility foods and look into the endo diet and start that so your diet is up to scratch when you come off the pill to help limit pain and boost your chances if conception. But please try not to worry about the what ifs hun you could be like my aunt and sail through it. Good luck lovely



Thanks so much, I can't help but worry I don't want to live my life without children but I know there are other options if I can't conceive naturally ill just have to wait and see. Congratulations on being pregnant it must be hard for you, hope all is okay xx

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I know and understand your worry hun, just try not too worry unless you know you have something to really worry about there's so many women that don't have problems having children that have headache with endo. Don't stress yourself out about it now lovely,

Thanks hun it is hard as it's come with unexpected health problems also that I found out last week but I'm keeping the faith and hoping everything works out.

Keep strong hun don't let negative thoughts consume you lovely with no need too, enjoy your last year of uni



Ahh good I have my fingers crossed for you. Thanks so much xx

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Here anytime you need a chat hun


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