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Lap op.. worried

My laparoscopy operation is due within the next couple of weeks and I'm now getting more anxious about it. They've said that there is a slim chance that anything will show up? And if it doesn't why am I experiencing all the symptoms of endo. feels like if nothing shows up ive been complaining over nothing? I feel like cancelling it and just carrying on as I am. I've had lots of time off work and if all comes back clear they may think I've been swindling time off over nothing. This mirena coil I believe is making my hormones go mad and my emotions/moods fluctuate all the time. By getting myself in a worry and state over it is making me feel worse. Im feeling lost & down with no idea what to think or do :(

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Hi Ive had severe period pain for as long as I can remember (im 32). I had scans about 2 years ago and nothing showed up. Went back this year as the pain had been getting worse, again nothing showed up on the many scans. I pushed for a lap to get a definitive answer, one way or the other. I was also told that it was very doubtful that anything would show up and asked myself the same questions, why put myself through a op for potentially nothing? I had my op at the start of November and they found severe endo that they removed! If I had not had the op I wouldn't have known and it would have got worse and probably created more damage.

At least having the op means you get an answer and know where you stand. Let us know how it goes


They've found endo! xxx


Hi I had my lap a few days ago and it was worth it. I've only had all this for like a year and a half ìsh. Until now I've had consultants tell me my pain "isn't cyclical enough to be endo" and "most endo sufferers dont describe a burning pain" like mine. They even tried to blame it on my copper coil. When I told them this was my second copper coil and 1st one didn't cause problems for 5 yrs,they said this one might be a different shape and irritate the womb.

Lap result showed I have endo on my bladder! All my scans before came back clear. Lap is the only way they can be sure. Even then if endo isn't visible to the naked eye,they should take biopsies as you may have adenomyosis (endo in the lining of the womb.)

I know it's frustrating not knowing and you should prepare yourself for both outcomes. I think if they found nothing in me they were going to diagnose me with "dysfunctional uterine bleeding ". (Periods are 2 wks long every 2 wks). I was do scared they would find nothing because I've also had time off work etc.

For me the lap was worth doing. Hope this helps.



I had a trans vaginal scan that only showed one cyst on my ovary and internal and external examinations that proved my uterus was ‘mobile’ (a good sign) but neither showed endo. It was my lap that showed endo in the PoD, 90% covering one ovary, 5% on the other, adhesions sticking my bladder and uterus together and one of my ovaries to my appendix. I was told that the surgeon didn’t want to risk damage to my bladder or uterus so nothing was removed. As we are TTC there are no hormone treatment options for me either. My hubby didn’t think it was worth having the op just to be told that nothing could be done. But I was grateful just to finally have a diagnosis after four years of being fobbed off with painkillers and swabs for STD’s! Like you my biggest fear was being told there’s nothing wrong. But you don’t imagine the pain and it’s not normal to be in so much pain you can’t work/function. Do try to prepare yourself for either diagnosis but try not to worry too much. Don’t cancel the op - at least you’ve made it this far. So many women struggle to even get a referral. Good luck xx


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