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Worries that I shouldn't be worried about

Hi Ladies

Just going to vent my worries.

Well...I am waiting on my referral appointment to see a Gynecologist and it's good that I managed to get a referral. I am worried about the appointment incase he/she thinks I am making all this up which is ridiculous to worry about cause why would I lie about all of this. Its just the look that you get when people are like yeah right, you dont look like you're in pain etc. So that is worrying me.

Also....to get a proper diagnosis, a Laproscopy is involved. Okay minor surgery as it is keyhole...but...it involves getting put under. I am so worried about this as well what if I don't wake up? End up in a Coma? Have a reaction to the anesthetic and lose a lot of blood? I can't even get a filling at the dentist never mind getting put under. I know nothing has been discussed with anyone regarding the surgery but nothing came up in the scan which is a good thing as no cysts but doesn't mean I don't have endometriosis. Yes I am stressing over nothing but I've never had surgery before, had a couple MRI scans cause I used to get really bad migraines, had an ultra sound for this. I don't mind getting surgery but its the thought of putting my life in someone else's hands which I am scared of lol is it stupid to worry over?

Okay, panic blog over haha thanks for reading :)

Rachael xxx

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My first ultra sound scan showed nothing but I had really bad pain a lot of the time not just during periods gynecologists usually take women seriously it is your pain you are experiencing so they can't tell you otherwise :) And endo tissue may or may not be there but if endo tissue is there it can lead to cysts, as did with me. Felt horrible pain and cramping in my ovary and ultrasound scan showed nothing, and year later was hospitalised due to such bad period pain and the scan I had a month later showed a cyst in the ovary that I was getting pains in.

It is scary I remember I waiting 4 hours to be called for my lap and when was walking to the theatre room and when saw the operating table I was so scared was breathing proper hyper and the anaesthetist said she would inject a drug to calm me down my heart must have been going 200 bpm as could hear it when hooked me up to the machine! They take good care of you, and the drug was amazing! I had a hard time waking up had 6 nurses around me but you do wake up :) and while every other women in the ward recovering from a lap was going home 2-3 hours after, I had to stay in over night as was all swollen and bruised as the fluid they pump in with the air was leaking through my stitch on the left side, and very nearly fainted when walked back from the toilet! I had to use the commode all night and get nurses to help me! All my dignity gone haha! Though my operation took 3 hours they though would be an hour and a half. The surgeons did a proper investigative laparoscopy and drained my 6cm cyst deep in my ovary. Was all worth it though as now have a proper diagnosis after years of pain and was able to get the treatment I needed.

It is rare that you have to stay in over night but because I had a procedure done as well as investigative lap I think that may be why, and surgeons were having a really good look around inside especially on my left side as he couldn't find a left fallopian tube, which was confirmed on HSG (dye injection and xray of uterus and tubes). If you have a lap done you will most likely be able to go home a few hours after, and they will reveal what they find on the day usually. Good luck in whatever you and/or your gynecologist decide to do :) x

Hi Zolta.

Thank you for replying :) I feel a little bit more at ease now you have shared what you got.

I just worry over the smallest things and well this is huge for me so my mind is in freak out mode which isnt good since I need to concentrate on uni work haha. I am in agony just now and the painkillers havent helped at all. Just want all this to hurry up so I know exactly what is going on with me :( Im only 22 and i feel like i shouldnt be in this much pain and this tired at this age lol its horrible :(

Rach xx

Hi, just to let you know I have been through lots of ops, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, tube removal etc

but not yet Hysterectomy. Anyway, you will be fine. Going under is actually quite relaxing

you won't know or feel a thing believe me, in literally seconds you go into a lovely temporary sleep and wake up when it's all over. Anesthetics these days are incredible safe and controlled.

Hiya, I had the same thing a few years ago! An ultrasound found nothing so was referred for a lap (which also showed nothing) but it's not as bad as you would think. A was terrified too, was sat for around 3-4 hours waiting by myself. The scariest bit for me was the drip, I was so scared of that, but no need to be! The nurses are sensitive to your fears and worries so talk it through with them, they can help put your mind at rest. And as menioned in a previous post by Zolta - the drug is good. Remember you are in good hands, they know what to do. I'm hopefully going back for another lap as I want them to look into it further having had no result the first time around. And I have no worries about it now. Hope you get what you need!x

Every day, nurses and doctors are working with people who are feeling scared of their treatment - whether it's just a routine blood test, or something much more major. My own experience has been that people can be very sympathetic - especially if you mention that you are feeling worried.

My own experience of laproscopy was very positive. Of course there is some pain, but nothing compared with what you go through with endometriosis anyway. One way you can perhaps manage your anxiety is to prepare yourself well for the surgery - for example by making sure that you have understood what is going to happen, and also done things like making sure that you've prepared food in advance and got someone to look after you. I went out and bought new knickers (if you buy low-cut knickers they won't interfere with your stitches and so you won't be uncomfortable). This sort of thing is quite calming and relaxing and may help.

If your anxiety is very bad, you might also try meditation or yoga, both of which can be very good for women with endometriosis.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for all sharing your stories, you have all made me feel a little better about the possibility of getting surgery. I know its a silly thing to worry about lol

Today I have been rather sore even though I havent done anything physical. However, lastnight I was up studying until about 1am and I dont know if stress and mental exhaustion (if thats the right word) makes it worse.

Anyway, thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it as even though I can talk to friends, family and my boyfriend and they listen and try to support but its not the same as coming on here :)

Rachael xxx

hi there

Ielievm in agree ment with all the coments so far.On the point that you mentioned that gaeni wont believe you please dont worry about this you dont get a referral for nothing.Tell them all of your symptoms everything i have mentioned during my consults have all been investigated and felt listened to so hopefully you will have the same experience.

on the anesthetic,talk to the anethatist before op (you will have an opportunity to do this )and i have always found them very reassuring and kind.very best of luck to you really hope all ggoes well x

Hi Rachael

I had my 1st lap and my first ever operation 2 years ago. I like you was absolutley petrified, I convinced myself I was going to die on the table or have a reaction the anaesthetic and if I didn't die, I was going to wake up in excruciating pain.

No matter what anyone said, medical people , freinds, family, nothing would convince me and my husband had to stsay with me the whole time until they wheeled me down as I was screaming and having panic attacks - I'm SUCH a baby.

I cried for a week before a dental filling & get myself in a right state before going for a smear or to get my ears syringed! Lol!

They gave me some needle to relax me, which just felt like I'd been drinking, then the next thing I remember was waking up with 3 dressings on my tum and it was all over.

At first, I thought they hadn't been aboe to put me asleep or something because honestly, it was like a split second, one second I was lying on the trolley in tears & the next I was in another room and the nurse was talking to me.

They wanted me to stay overnight because I was scared to get out of the bed and go and have a wee beacause I felt too dizzy, this was because I was out for longer than expected as I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo and they did a lot of cleaning up while they were there, but my hubby stuck me in a wheelchair and literally put me on the loo, then he was able to wheel me away when I'd been! I think they only send it to give me a kick and make me get up as they don't ususally want you in overnight.

It was honestly NOTHING to worry about, I've been told I've got to have a hysterectomy in the next few years and I'm sure I'll be 'optomistic' again, but I'll have to remind myself that there really is nothing to it, sore afterwards of course, but painkillers, some TLC, the TV, good books & comfort food sorted that out!

I really feel for you, your blog sounds like I could have written it myself before I had my op.

Any more questions, please ask and let me know what your gyno say.


Michelle x

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