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Endo sufferer,suggestion to like sex again?

Hi Guys Im sure I am not alone in this topic but I thought I should be brave to ask you ladies is there anything to boost my liking to sex? I love my hubby so much but since my laparoscopy, mirena fitted, pains, back and forth to hospital etc. Sex is the last thing on my mind. Although he has been so understanding, its been about 9 months since we had sex. I worry for him and myself. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to like sex again? Wish you ladies a very Happy Christmas and a pain free New Year.

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Hi mystyle,

Let me start by wishing you a merry Christmas. I'm so sorry that you are struggling at the moment in the bedroom department, but I just wanted to say, don't put pressure on yourself.

It sounds as though you have an amazing hubby who understands the demands that Endo puts on our bodies!

I have been (and still am) in a similar situation to you. I have been bleeding now continually for 2 months, I have stage 4 Endo which in this last year has driven me to horrendous lows....

What you need to realise though is that you and your body has/is going through an awful lot of ups and downs, changes, adjusting to medication and treatments. Don't be so hard on yourself. In time the desire will return, it may be because you have been hurting you have put up some barriers, without even realising it, spend plenty of time cuddling, loving, being intimate in other ways with your hubby without worrying about sex. If you take that pressure away I'm sure you will slowly start to feel more intimate. Have a date night once a week or month, go out for meal or to see a film, holding hands and just being loving without any pressure.

We are very lucky and blessed that we have amazing husbands!

All the very best

Kelly xxx


Hi Kelly, thanks for your reply and suggestions, it is much appreciated. Me too has severe stage 4 endo :( and struggling to deal with it. You are quite right though, we are very lucky to have husbands like ours,. So I shall keep trying to make things better:). Happy New Year to you and your husband!

Best Wishes

Melody xxx


Happy New Year to you too Melody and your husband.

I have struggled since diagnosis and still am, if you ever want to chat more to someone who understands just message me! On here or privately...

This condition is very hard to deal with and can be very lonely at times!!


Hello Kelly. Thank you, and likewise. Are you off the zoladex injection? What medication are you on now and does it helps?


Hi Melody,

I am off the Zoladex injections, I continued to bleed on and off through them which my consultant said was unfortunate as they were supposed to stop the bleeding!..

I have a month ago been put on Desorex mini pill, to date I am still bleeding!

I have to have a hydroscopy on 16 February to make sure that I have nothing "sinister"!! I'm so scared about the procedure as my other ops I had a general anaesthetic so knew nothing about it, but this procedure I have to be awake for!... They will also take a biopsy to send off!

The continual bleeding is so draining and wearing! Even though the Zoladex injections should have warn off by now I am still having hot flushes and anger issues! I just think my hormones are completely up the creek!!

Trouble is while you spend months trying out all of these pills/injections/coils etc you have to mentally and emotionally go through hell! Trying to go to work everyday and smile, when all I want to do is hide!!... Not being able to be intimate with your hubby because of the continual bleeding, my life feels like it's in limbo and on hold as I have no idea if or when I will improve!

Sorry to moan, I am just struggling and feel I have no where to turn...

Kelly xx


Hello Kelly

You don't know how much I sympathise with you and the other girls going through this horrible desease.

Don't worry about moaning though, lol. We all do it !

Do you have to be awake during your hydroscopy? Sorry, I have no idea as I havent had that test yet.

Normally, I just keep bottling it up until I cant take the pain anymore, which is wrong I know.

I only go to hospital if normal pain killers dont work for me anymore.

Please keep me updated with your test and let me know how you get on.

Best wishes

Melody xx


Hi Melody,

Yes I have to be awake for the Hydroscopy. You are supposed to have it done under a general, but the waiting list was very long (approx July) , so as I've been bleeding for sooooo long I have said that I will have it done awake, that way I'm able to have it done in February!

Scared though as not sure what to expect!... But this bleeding is ridiculous!... Months of bleeding is so draining and stressful !

Hopefully February will give me some answers!...

Thank you for caring and not minding me moan!!! Lol...

I'll keep you posted xxx


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