Endo adeno sex and hayfever

Wow, I no its tmi, but got to vent somewhere,

So my husband and I made love this morning, very short lived due to hubby not getting any very often, lol, but I was pleased about that,

It was actually like watching a carry on movie, I was trying my hardest to just put up with it, moving wiggerling just to make it more conf table and my hubby has servere hayfever and was sneezing like a good in

I just can't beleive how much our sex life has changed over the last few years,

Please tell me it will get better after my hysterectomy,

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  • Hi.

    Really sorry to hear how much it's affecting your relationship. I completely agree with as you know we have both been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis recently. I am hoping the same as you that a hysterectomy will cure all of this pain. It is the same for me and my partner I feel sorry for him as sex seems to have got less and less frequent and when we do its like you describe I'm trying to make sure he doesn't pick up on how much discomfort it causes me and also I get awful cramping like period pain ( do you get this after sex?) It has got to the point where it fills me with dread at the thought of having sex 😣. I'm only 32 u shouldn't be like this! I'm hoping someone posts something say it's all good post hysterectomy hun.

    Jo xx

  • Sorry I meant to ask how long have they told you the waiting list is for your hysterectomy my follow up isn't until the 15th June and I'm now 5 Weeks 2 days post op. X

  • I was lucky with my follow up being 3 weeks after op, and now it's a 2-3 months wait, for hysterectomy, your follow up seems like a long wait, can't you bring it forward, perhaps ring secretary and ask??


  • Yes you were, I called them as soon as got the appointment to see if I could move it forward she said all she could do was put me cancellation list. I think the problem is she is the lead surgeon in a Endometriosis centre and in a private hospital which was where I had my Laparoscopy but will be having my follow up in endometriosis centre. So I think she's kind of over subscribed as much. That's not to long them, are you feeling anxious about it x

  • Oh dear & so sorry but I did laugh, my contraception has been to play dead for such a long time ha! I think if we all have a laugh it works wonders. So sorry still laughing, its the sneezing and 'Benny hill' music in my head!

    I'm sure you have years of serious lurve ahead 😊😈 good luck x

  • Same lol, this did make me smile! Except I'm the one with the hayfever and we just don't have sex any more ;( it hurts during and after so what's the point :( it's so hard feeling guilty all the time, just want to be better

  • I know exactly how you feel...I feel so guilty but it's just too painful during and for a couple of days after. And yep, I just want to feel better too X you're not alone x

  • I know, it's hard trying to get the balance right ck13 have you been diagnosed,

  • Yes have the pleasure of adeno, have mirena coil and on prostap at mo. Have had endo lasered twice now. Seeing how prostap goes then discuss hyster. Only 3 weeks into prostap, feel crap at moment have the body aches all over and tired and nausea etc etc!

  • How old are you,? Do you have children

    I've been diagnosed with both too, ive opted to go straight for hysterectomy, didn't see the point in the prostap fir me, I've had endo removed 4 weeks ago and feel no different, so just want my uterus gone now, can't wait to get date through

    I'm 39 and have 3 sons, so as far as I'm concerned I don't need it any more, and fingers crossed it's what is causing all my symtpms.

    Good luck and I hooe the side effects ain't to bad for you.


  • Hi just turned 33 last week, had my last laser lap in jan for endo, adeno symptoms not eased at all it hurts to go to toilet (both) and in pain all the time and have contractions a lot

    I have a daughter who is 6

    I'm a bit scared of the unknown after the hyster and what it means hormonally etc, have mixed feeling don't want it done but can't love like this any more x

  • Hi, I'm having a full hysterectomy, but leaving the overies alone, so I want have periods yay, but will still produce estrogen and ovulate, so I won't go into the menopause, but it might come along earlier than it would of with out the hysterectomy,

    I hope you deside on what's best for you


  • That sounds ok, that will solve the adeno won't it, it's the periods that do me in I have labour contractions, I'm bleeding now whilst on prostap :(

    Trying to stay positive I think the general consensus with prostap is it gets worse before it gets better?

    Fingers crossed!


  • Yes ive heard that the first month can be worse on prostap,

    And my periods are getting worse, ive come on today and I like you have contractions, can't waot till Friday, to feel a little better.


  • Hope they ease off for you they are awful :( x

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