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Uncomfortable sex. Endo symoton?


Morning ladies!

This may sound a little personal but does anyone have any problems in the bedroom department? I'm finding sex really painful at the mo! Some times it's worse than others when we do it. I feel like it's going into my stomach or it's like hitting a wall inside me! (Sorry it's the only way i can describe it really) and we have to stop. It's a strange one! Still waiting on lap date too. Had pre opp appointment last week , is this an endo symoton? Xx

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Hey, I have this issue and I’m currently waiting for a diagnosis via lap. Sex is so painful for me, I want to cry and get the same feeling and it’s quite a deep feeling.

Luckily I’m in a long distance so I get away without having sex 😂 but it can be a symptom of endo. Hopefully your lap isn’t too far away xx

How long have you been waiting for lap date now hun? Xx

Nearly 3 months but where I live it’s a 23 week waiting list. I’ve even been moved to urgent but still going to be a long wait xx

Yes I have the same pain. I spoke to a nurse about it and she told me if I suffer with constipation (which I do having endo) my bowel could be obstructing the penis. My partner did tell me he kept banging into something so I'm assuming it's my bowel or my cervix? I also find that if I have trapped wind or haven't been for a poo that sex is more painful for me 😩it's so annoying. I went extremely dizzy after sex recently and almost fainted, very nearly vomited. I think due to having trapped wind 😖oh the joys of this disease.

Good luck Hunni. 💛

Yeah I have the exact same feeling!

My bowl system is so bloody dysfunctional and if I do have endo my bets are it's defiantly spread to my bowls etc! Xx

Are you with a bsge endo centre? Have you had an mri?

Dyspareunia is a symptom of recto vaginal endo and so could be a sign of bowel involvement, which tends to be handled by bsge specialists centres due to the need for a bowel surgeon to consult.

In my case i had a good sized endo nodule protruding into my vagina and adhesions looped round my bowel pulling it out of place into a c shape and attaching it to my vagina. This article by Redwine, one of the early specialist endo pioneer surgeons is a good descriptor of the rv endo subtype. Not all of the latest research consensus on treatment is reflected on the site so use it with caution.


Hey Hun totally with you on this I’ve had three laps so far to remove the endo and am currently waiting on a mapping scan to see if where the pain of intercourse is being caused 🙏🏽 then it’s possible excision surgery as I refused to go back on decapeptal injections it was deffo hell on earth lol xx

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