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Feeling down

Hi everyone. Had my left ovary removed beginning of December. Felt ok at first emotionally, but now I just feel so down in the dumps. Its affecting my relationship but what with this time of year its difficult to discuss everything with my partner. I just feel paranoid about pretty much everything and this really isn't like me. I'm afraid that it will effect us to the point of no return.....it already feels like there is an ever increasing gap developing. Like I say I am also feeling very paranoid........has this happened to anyone else who has had an ovary removed. Is it just my hormones trying to adjust or what?

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Hi I had both mine removed on 10th December and have been ok but have noticed I have snapped at the kids a bit since then. Not sure whether to put it down to the op, Christmas or feeling shattered, I haven't felt so tired and been unable to sleep before. I was also unwell at the weekend with an infection and back in hospital for a couple of days. It is a major thing to have done and accept. I don't even feel like anything is missing or different (I'm glad it's done, decision made and time to move on) but I have had since August to get my head around it all. maybe you need to get out of the house and meet up with friends I you are feeling down to take your mind off of everything. Good luck x


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