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Vitamin/natural aids: has anyone tried Apple cider vinegar or iodine to help endo?

On my journey with endo so far I have found a few comforts in certain vitamins (along with diet). One being vitamin E which seems to make a difference in how much pain I feel and how bloated I am. Drinking aloe Vera has the same positive affect (drinking only when not on period)

There's so much to read on natural cures I wanted to ask whether anyone had tried Apple cider vinegar or iodine to help? If you put either of these into Google there seems to be a lot if positiv information. Along with a million other things you could try though!

Any info greatly appreciated



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I took apple cider vinegar before I was diagnosed, as I was told I had ovarian cysts and lots of stuff I read said it could make these disappear. I had a tablespoon in hot water twice a day - it has to be organic and look squite cloudy. My cysts did go, but I've since read that they often resolve themselves, so not sure if it was the vinegar or not. However, what I now know were my endo pains, continued while I was taking the vinegar.


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