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Rough timescales for feeling well again?


I'm new to this site and just wondered if anyone had an idea of timescales for feeling better after surgery.

After being in pain for years I have recently had a laparoscopy where they found and excised both adhesions and endometriosis nodules. I'm on day 12 post op now and whilst the pain is nothing like it was im still quite sore where my wounds are in the bottom section of my tummy, and I have some deeper aches that I think are menstrual related as my period will be due next week.

I've had some guidance from the hospital - no lifting for four weeks, and drive 'when I can do an emergency stop' but I just wondered how long it's taken other people to get back on their feet!?

Compared to the csection I had 6 years ago this is absolutely nothing, and the pain I have now is also not a patch on how I felt before the operation.

But i am impatient to get back to normal life as soon as possible and just wondered what other people have experienced!?!?

Thanks for reading,

L xxx

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I went back to work a week after having my lap and it was definitely too soon! I was near enough back to normal after a couple of weeks although still tentative when driving! My incision points were sore for a little longer then, I had 3, 1 in my belly button and 2 lower abdomen. Although my stitches were 'dissolvable' they didn't go nowhere so I actually took them out myself as I found they were pulling on the skin making it worse! I also experienced a pain as such when urinating for about a month as well, felt like a pulling on the inside. I would say just do as much as you feel you can, everyone heals at different rates. Hope you feel better soon x


Ooh thank you for your reply! That's encouraging. Yes I'm similar - I have three wounds in my lower abdomen and then where they went in through my tummy button too. And my stitches are dissolvable ones too but don't look like they are going anywhere yet. I'll keep an eye on that, thanks. I'm hopefully most of the way there then. Patience has never been my strong point - especially not with christmas coming up and two excited kids in the mix too! Thanks again x


No I'm the same! They told me keep taking hot baths to dissolve the stitches but it wasn't working so I took them out myself! It didn't hurt cause the inside had started healing, just snipped them and they slid right out! X


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