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semi frozen pelvis

I am 35 and DH 37.married for 2 yrs. I hav suffered from chronic pain since the day i saw my first period . then in 2009 my elder sis had an ivf which i i donated eggs to her, so i was given so many injections before the egg retrieval in april 2009, three months later, I noticed that my pain increase and there was sudden discoloration on my umbilicus. upon clinical test, they said i had umbilical endometriosis.. in february 2014 a gynea placed me on zoladex for six month which ended in july, 2 months later what looks like my period came with unbearable pain, hence I was rushed to same gynae who gave pain relief injection and a shot of provera.

45 days later i had a laparotomy to remove umbilical endo and ovarian cyst as was seen on CT scan, but the gyne went in and could not identify nor separate my ovaries,tubes and uterus as he reported that they are gummed together, and advised that i go straight to ivf. what are my chances on ivf? has anyone been pregnant with this condition. I want t fall pregnant as soon as possible. please your advise will be appreciated


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