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Severe Pelvis pain from 3 endometriosis cyst.


Just spent a week in hospital for severe pelvis pain which was affecting my ability to walk, open bowel or empty bladder. Discharged with mefenamic acid and cocodamol. Has anyone suffered pain from having 2 cyst in their ovaries And one stuck behind uterus. Annoying thing they can't do anything because I am waiting for a lap surgery which I been waiting 3months now.

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I use to get daily pain from cyst in my ovaries- unfortunately all u can do is wait for ur lap which hopefully won’t be too much longer.

Awww I could literally stay in bed until my surgery date. Ite affecting my whole life having the two cyst in one side of my ovaries. I'm having to use a walking stick at the age of 30 and i look 16.

After coming out of hospital from staying there for 7 days I went to see my gp for a referral to another hospital with an actual endo centre as I can not wait any longer. than 12months which my current hospital are saying.

Yes I understand where ure coming from, I use to just lay down and not want to do anything wen I had the pin. Do you know what size the cysts r?

Def get referred to a bsge centre , the surgeons there r so much better and more skilled than a general gynaecologist. BUT the waiting time is still long... up to 6 months. I waited 5 from wen I was put on the list.

if someone said endo will leave me with a walking stick at the age of 30 I would never believe it. The two best ones are rapidly growing that scans have shown my body bleeding into it as it very big. the one behind my uterus hasn't given me much grief since starting the contraceptive pill. I have given 3 names to my gp to refer my reports over to a endo centre hospital as they have pelvis pain centre too, fertility specialist unit. With endo centre you get the after care where in gynaecology department at my hospital your not getting proper treatment.

could I ask how did you cope with months for surgery Its affecting my life and work.

big cyst*

how did you cope with months of waiting for surgery *

I wasn’t working for a start- u just have to get on with it don’t u, the days the pain was bad were literally spent doing nothing and laying down. It’s hard and pain killers don’t always help. Have u tried anything stronger? I had codeine as well as paracetamol and hot water bottles x

I was given codeine initially when I first was diagnosed and hospitalised for 2 weeks. Then suddenly whilst going for a routine scan they discovered I had 2 more growing in my ovaries and since then the pain has got a lot worse, walking, sitting, wearing trousers or Jean's became hard as it puts strain on the ovaries. I got hospitalised again last 2 weeks for severe pelvis pain and now its managed by taking oral morphine and cocodamol.but it's only brought down the pain from my abdominal area down to the pelvis. I'm using a walking stick to walk as I can't even walk more than 10 steps without the pain starting.

Can’t they fast track the surgery especially if they are growin rapidly?

No sadly, unless they have ruptured. Apparently the waiting time is 6months, so after being discharged from hospital i asked my gp to refer me to a hospital that has a endometriosis centre that way I am not amongst other patients who waiting for gynaecological surgery. My hospital isn't a endo centre so I'm in the list amongst other ladies who have womb cancer, cervical cancer etc hence why I'm not classified as emergency. But hopefully my new referral should be straight forward and fast. It's been 9months since I was diagnosed it's taking ages to get a surgery date. I done my pre op assessment in January.

Hope ure not waiting too long x

Nope, I went to the gp again today to get a sick note to cover myself for the time off work. Whilst there the doctor tried again for the referral and managed to get me booked into a endometriosis centre hospital for may 15th I'm so happy. It states on the appointment letter it will take upto 10weeks for surgery. But they will decided on the first initial appointment what the outcome would be. x

That’s great so they may decide u need it quicker and u won’t have to wait 10wks

Yup, I was so thankful as this new doctor was a Male and didn't even know my history and he was quick to say how comes the gp and hospitals not chased up on the delay.

Have you had yours? Where was your endo?

I found my female go dismissed me but when I went to male gp he referred me straight away and was so good with me!

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