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2nd Lap. Numb leg?

Hi everyone.

Monday morning I had my second lap. Mainly excision this time rather than diathermy and a biopsy was taken from my bladder to rule out interstitial cystitis. I'm in the usual amount of pain - stayed in hospital for one night but am regretting not staying longer now as my pain management seems to be not very good. What I thought was odd was upon waking I've got an area of skin on my left thigh between my hip and knee that is completely numb??! The nurses suggested it might just be a pinched nerve but it's freaking me out...has anyone else had this numbness before?


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I had radical excision 4 weeks ago and like you had a patch of skin which went numb! It was on my hip area. I was worried but it went away after about 2 weeks. Don't know what caused it but rest assured it did go. X


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