At the moment i have to sleep on my back, i do normally go to sleep on lying on my back but as im sure everyone does wake up in random positions. Well now when i manage to get to sleep im sleeping on my back and i wake up in same position but i keep waking up with numb/sore heels and i have also woken up with numb pinky finger and ring finger on my left hand. No idea what this is about and wondered has anyone else had random numbness? (this isnt pains its purely numbness) I get this along with my everday pains

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  • Hi yes I get the numbness too at night, some times part of my thumb or part of my inner thigh, some times part of my arm, like you I was just laying on back not laying awkwardly.i have no idea why though, ive questioned it wiv doc before and he just said have acupuncture.i did and it did releive it, but it gets expensive.not sure if its the same thing or if it will help x

  • hi alex, i went to see doctor about this.. i have cramp in the front of my foot and sore base of one foot and numbness in my hands and one side of my face..his answer- stress! he said im stressing that much about my pelvic pain its causing stress numbness.. honestly i didnt believe any of that crap so itd be interesting to see if anyone has a answer for the numbness. take care. claire x

  • Stress numbness? ive never heard of that. I'll ask my doctor and see what they say about it and let you know as well. Its weird i have woken up with it in both hands same fingers on each hand really weird but now its only the left hand its effecting but my heels is a really weird one and fact it is sore i have to rub my heels not very easy to do just now just to try get the soreness away a wee bit. I posted the question just incase anyone else was getting any numbness as well or if it was just me. Will be interesting to see what anyone else says xx

  • i used to think it was my shoes so i changed them loads but i always have one sore hubby bought me a foot spa but it doesnt really help, i find myself rubbing my heel on end of metal bed frame.. i know that sounds wierd. lol. but as for the numbness like i said both hands and down the left hand side of my face-really worries me sometimes but i guess if it was anything serious my doc wudve looked into it? i must admit i was taken back when he said stress but i guess we just believe them and get on. goodluck finding a answer will be interesting to see if anyone comes up with anything else x

  • if i hadnt pushed my doctor to refer me it wouldnt have been discovered that i have endo as she said to me at the time i doubt very much their is anything actually wrong with you but if you want i will refer you to a gyno. As im typing just now the numbness and soreness is in me heels only thing i can do to help is rubbing them. It eases when im on my feet but the soreness stays 24-7. x

  • i tried to explain that that my hubby about my sore heel some nites i rub it on the stairs to get relief.. he didnt understand that if its sore why did it relieve it to rub it hard! i cudnt answer him!! lol. very wierd. im still pushing years later and a second gyne to get a diagosis-literally tired everything theyve asked. i want answers now but i crack up.. probs on verdge of breakdown threw pain. im glad u got sorted but sorry to hear it was endo. x

  • yeah it is a weird one lol hope you get it sorted for you soon. Im relieved i now know whats wrong been upset that it is endo and emotions are all over the place and that along with the pain i know what you mean by breakdown x

  • i feel bad in a way saying that.. i didnt mean to upset u in anyway. im thinking of saving and going private..i think it would be worth every penny. if u need to unload anytime im here hun. literally.. im on sick at min so plenty free time. x

  • you didnt upset me, dont worry. Im just generally upset just now with it being endo but is honestly is good to know what is wrong rather than having pains and problems with no answers. You could be best going private if the doctor isnt any help least they'd investigate properly and get a proper answer finally for you. Im on the sick just now as well doctor has deemed me unfit for work cause of the pains and being exhausted, going bit crazy not being able to do anything and thinking everything over 24-7 xx

  • Hi I've realise this is an old post, but I've just come across it on Google. I too at the moment have to sleep on my back, propped up at the moment and besides waking with a numb bum every morning, I also wake to pain in my heel. I was pretty scared by it and was just wondering if you ever got to the bottom of it? X

  • Hi I saw a neurologist a few weeks ago as I get numb left leg and arm into my little fingers. I explained that it's same ad if you hit funny bone and goes along arm into fingers and starts tingling. My leg feels like I've sat funny and got dead leg! It's very strange and comes and goes. He said there was nothing obviously wrong and will check in 6 months to see if any worse. I put a post up about it and someone told me she had taken high dose of vitamin b12 so I've been trying it by having berroca, or cheap copy from asda and it hasn't been so bad so may be worth a try. Only way I ease it is to shake and rub my arm or leg to get the blood pumping! I hope it helps and it eases for you. I'm now getting more pains in legs and hips so trying to find something that works other than heat cause in this weather I'm over heating!! X

  • Berocca doesn't have nearly enough B12 in it, and it is the wrong form. You can take it, but take another B12 supplement as well. You need methylcobalamin, not cyanacobalamin. I posted below what I did, and it worked for me!

  • Hi thanks for letting me know, I didn't realise there were different types will look at others now too. The vitamin boost must just be helping a little too but explains why I still get it but not been as bad. Thanks x

  • Hi All. I recommend taking high doses of vitamin B12. I use Jarrows 1000mcg from Amazon. You can also buy a spray for under your tongue. You cannot overdose on this water soluble vitamin, and many of us are deficient, especially those with multiple autoimmune conditions. I started with 2-3 a day for a couple of months till symptoms subsided, then went down to one a day as a maintenance dose. I'm now finger tingle-free!!

    You could always ask the GP for a B12 test first, but it is not particularly accurate.

  • hi whats B12?

  • thanks, i will try and get some B12 i already take a multi vit that has B12 in it but it's more than likely not enough to make any difference to the numbess. Today my full left arm kept going numb. My heels are still sore and numb have been all day, my pillow idea didnt really help :/ xx

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