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kidney pain?

its 1st day of ovulation and the pains started.. its in the kidney area and feels like a stitch and sharp and stabby along with the heavy feeling in stomach and cramp like pains... and feeling uncomfortable sitting in most positions with achy legs. sound familiar?

im going in for my first lap and hysteroscopy and biopsy to diagnose suspected endo. this is my first op and im 40 years old and absolutely terrified so if anyone can offer some words of comfort or advice to aid recovery (how long does recovery take, when can i expect to get back to work ) then i would be very grateful.

thanks for reading

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Hi :)

First of all its totally normal to be scared but the best thing you can do for yourself is to relax as much as you can, easier said than done I know but get some music you like on, some deep breaths, it's all going to be ok just remember that.

I'm 34 and hadn't had an operation either until June 2013. I've had my left ovary and Fallopian tube removed along with a chocolate cyst. I returned to a & e 2 weeks later to find out my ureter had also been blocked by this cyst for years and my kidney was knackered so they put a stent in and a few months later removed my kidney following a dmsa scan as it was only 8% functional. I'd had some back pain previously but most of the pain I've experienced was down to the endo.

After all my ops I've been fine and back to work in 2 weeks, you have to listen to your body though everybody's healing rate is different. Don't be afraid to move about though, lying there for 2 weeks isn't going to help. Also peppermint tea and peppermint oil tablets for if they do anything keyhole as you'll have some painful trapped gas under your diaphragm which you'll feel in your shoulders and back, that for me was the painful bit more so than the op but it goes after a few days.

I hope you can view this op as something that will help you and not something to be scared of, it will make you feel better so embrace it if you can and know that your biggest job is to aid your own recovery afterwards with a positive mind. You'll be proud of yourself if you can look back and think how you handled it all with strength. I'm also sure the people around you will help you through and be sure to tell them what you need, it'll help them too.

Good luck on your journey towards a pain free life.

You're going to be just fine.

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Hi, firstly best of luck for your first op I hope it helps and you feel a lot better.

I couldn't believe it when I just read about your kidney pain during ovulation. It's like I write it myself!!!

I'm 31 and was diagnosed with very severe stage 4 endo last year after suffering for 5 years. I got so so poorly with it between my diagnosis and my op to remove it (I had to wait 6 months for the 2nd op). Finally in May this year I had it cut away. It was a big op and the endo was everywhere but after recovery things were good. I was even pain free until end of august. I came off the pill then to start trying for a baby. Each month now the pains are getting worse but still a lot more manageable than they used to be but just hoping I can get pregnant ASAP really.

Anyway like you at ovulation I get kidney pain, it can get so bad that in sept my GP gave me anti biotics as we thought it must be an infection, even though my urine was clear!! In oct I saw the GP again and this time was fobbed off with it being my body still recovering internally from the op!! When I got it again this month I just tried to ignore it as by now I realised it was the same time each month around ovulation. Just found it strange that it was by my kidney!

Now I've read your post I'm convinced it's to do with endo. I never had it before my op but I guess I was always on the pill of some sort of hormone treatment.

I'm just a bit worried now that endo has spread to my kidney. I'd be so greatful if you let me know how you get on and if there is anything wrong with your kidney area.

Again best of luck.xx


Omg yes I also get kidney pain! All my troubles started with a burning pain on right ovary around ovulation. It has steadily got worse and now I get kidney pain on that side too. I didn't know exactly where kidneys were but when I went to gp he said that's kidney pain. Tested blood and urine for infection which came back clear. I'm now listed for lap but gynae says kidney pain prob not related.

My kidney pain is general soreness with intermittent stabbing pains right kidney. Sometimes stabbing pain round side between ovary and kidney. The stabbing pains make me cry out and codeine doesn't seem to stop them.


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