never felt so poorly in all my life

hi ladies, well its 1.38 in the morning and i cannot sleep. imhaving the worst period pains ever! im sweating,my head is pounding, im changing my pads every hour(ish) even tho im lay down! i just feel so poorly ..i feel literally sick to my stomach. iv tried strong painkillers but i think its added to me feeling sick already. i cant explain how bad i feel..

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well its 2:14am am im exhausted yet cannot get to sleep, no period pains for me though. I finally had my op last monday and confirmed i have endo they removed as much as they could. Ive been on strong painkillers since then. Im dreading my first period since the op, i keep hearing other woman saying its always really really painful the first after an op to have some removed. Hope you feel better xx

hi alex, i hope u managed to drift back off. pleased that u got a diagnosis, sorry it was endo tho :(.... i havent had a lap yet but gyne is 99% certain i have endo. hes offered me a hysterectomy which im a little bit annoyed about , i would much rather knpw for certain what my pain is. i have getting to the point were i have no fight left in me im so weak.its sad but thats the way it is. i wish u a speedy recovery alex. claire x

Hi am awake too. Period starting and hurt like the devil. Along with endo I've just had a vaginql prolapse and the additional pain is doing my head in. So sick of not being able to sleep,

Had rubber ring fitted in vagina to hold me together until see gynae on 23rd July but get cramps when needing to pee. On top of this have dreadful back pain, feel sick due to hiatus hernia and knees ache from arthritis. So fed up with so much going wrong with me. That still isn't the full list but don't want to spend all night whinging. Oh, pain is so sharp! Wah! Does anyone else scald themselves silly on hot water bottles to help the pain?

Am new on site.


hi D, omg u poor thing. u must be in agony. im really sorry. brought a tear to my eye ur story. and yes i know what u mean about hot water bottle (i bet everyone on here does lol) i have 7 hot water bottles in all shapes and with different pretty patterns on-its my husbands way of treating me bless him-most women get flowers lol. have u spoken to ur doctor about pain relief? claire x

hi yellowrose, i did doze off for about an hour but was woken by needing a wee again! im so hot and calmy. i know what u mean about not funcationing till noon, i feel the same unfortunately tho i have school runs to rest for the wicked. can i just ask what rooibos tea is please ? claire xx

Am still awake! Yes, the need to keep peeing is maddening. Rooibos is red bush tea and it's delicious. I'm lucky enough to not get hay fever although hubby and one of my dogs has that problem. Can be awful especially when already trying to cope with other health problems.

It all feels rather hard work right now.


hmm i might try that tea because caffiene hurts my bladder.. its got to the point were i cant drink alcohol either otherwise i may aswell stick a potty to myself cos i can easily go every 10mins.!! im so fedup with moaning today so im gona relax in sun try boast my good hormones before hubby gets in.. dont think he cud put up with another nite of crying like last nite. bless him. hugs everyone hope ur relaxing and feeling good xx

Didn't see all the comments as computer playing up - I jinx it most likely. I do love hot water bottles although have wibbly scald patterns on my stomach which is a tad embarrassing when seeing a doc. Fortunately have air conditioning so can bear the hot water bottle during the summer. I like some of the small hot water bottles - 'knicker-tucker' sized. I'm so Glam!

hi ladies hope ur feeling abit better this morning. im on the school run. feel ill. :( xx

Hope everyone got some sleep and feels better. I managed some sleep, spent most of the night listening to the fan in the room and dog snoring, exciting or what. Got a foggy head on and still trying to wake up enough to function properly. Claire i hope you get everything sorted out very soon xx

hi alex, glad u got some sleep. im just lay on top of my bed. gona go to docs this afternoon and plead /beg (sad) for him to refer me somewere else x take care ladies x

HI - just wondered how everyone who posted here is doing? I actually managed about 4 hours last night so am feeling a little better. Had to take rubber ring out - caused painful cramps. I've been told to do pelvic exercises but it just caused the ring to move and, again, cramps. Ugh. Angelswings84 - how did things go for you at the docs? Got a copy letter from my gynae yesterday including all sorts of things that he didn't mention in the examination on 23 July! I apparently have a bulky retroverted uterus (faces different direction), a mild rectocele, descent of the cervix and tenderness in adnexa and left iliac fossa. I then had to Google 90% of that to fully understand! All the gynae mentioned was that I likely had adenomyosis. I will be having a transvaginal scan to follow up (had one before that revealed fibroids and an ovary stuck to the wall of the uterus which then led them to conclude endo) and then later a laparoscopy. He started to talk about the mirena coil but I don't react well to contraception with progesterone. I have cystic acne - which means I don't necessarily get many spots but sometimes I will get a humdinger that misshapes my face completely and hurts intensely from being so infected. Had one around my earlobe this past week which swelled to twice it's normal size and had an inch sized lump full of infection that has now left a large hole in my neck. No-one in the medical profession quite gets why I don't want my acne worse as it seems silly in comparison to all the abdominal pain - but from what I've read about mirena, chances are I'll not get relief and then will still get horrendous infected lumps on my face. Anyone know anything much about mirena? In the letter from the gynae to my doctor he insinuated that he'd change my mind as I'm not keen 'at the moment' on progesterone treatment. Patronising beggar. Deb x

Sorry you are under the weather, feel better! Take care, sleep well. Drink honey & lemon. Soothing.

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