could my overy be stuck now

i had surgery in january to remvoe endo from my right overy and other place but since then i have had comstant overy pain like if i move to fast its feels like a stitch feeling and it sometime extreamly sore nad my leg aches and other its just an aches i have this everyday i also have constant period pains along woth it im waiting for a date for surgery do you think my overy could be stuck as gynea metioned somthing has anyine had this .

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Sounds exactly like the pain I was having when my ovary was stuck to pelvic wall. Xx

It's horrible every time I cough I get a a stitch I think maybe cause by my last lap they lasered last time this time will be excision x

Hi, my right ovary is stuck behind my uterus. I get sharp pains in the area of my appendectomy scar. I assume it is my ovary doing this. I am on medication to stop my periods, as an attempt to perform a hysterectomy failed as everything down there is fused together :( x

Have you seen a gynecologist oncologist --not that you have cancer But that they have more surgical experience... That's what I had to do since me Endo was stuck to my only kidney since I donated other to sister along with pelvic wall etc & he did the surgery open, like vac-section to see better...just a thought

Fter i hd. bso bilateral salpingo oomph rectory + infected 6x6 mass emoved I was pain free for 2 weeks then sharp stabbing pain under my right rib cage, front pelvic pain couldn't lean against anything noticed when brushing teeth & stomach barely touched sink,top half of rt leg quad hurts & is tight + daily nausea & vomiting. It continued for 3+ months with plenty of tests : MRI,ct, hida scan for gall bladder , ultrasound . Luckily my GP listened, forget about the gyn who just blew me off... Found a dept @ hospital that specialized in pelvic pain & have been going for pelvic floor pt for 3 mos but feel much better & received 2 trigger point injections in the vagina area Since they say all my pain,nausea vomiting is due to the Endo, adhesions + infected mass... Be persistent .... I'm still not convinced my gallbladder isn't playing a role

Sorry first word is after I had...

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