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Had my op


had my op yesterday. My consultant got me on his list the night before and first in. I'm so grateful to him. Had to put up with a bit of moaning while I was waiting., listening to all the staff moaning about me being first and even on the list in the first place! They must be silly if they think you don't know it's about you! Was in so much pain immediately after, screaming in pain, ended up with lots of morphine just so I could breathe again! One woman was so awful to me, it was very upsetting. Had a drain and catheter in too, that was removed today. They got me up but I keep getting dizzy and faint as my bloods are too low and may need a transfusion. They have me on iron now. Anyway, during my op, they drained the cyst, cut some endo away but I'm riddled with it. They pushed dye through my right tube which isn't blocked. My uterus is stuck to my bowel so they didn't touch that as too dangerous in case of damage to my bowel. My left side is all stuck together with little movement, my ovary is stuck down and tube inflamed, they said they didn't push any dye through. Have two very small fibroids. they want to put me on zoladex for three to six months to calm my insides down, then go back to my consultant and make a plan from there. They will do an mri too. My consultant came to see me too as I got very tearful, but he told me about my left tube being damaged by endo and then when they operate again at a later date, I'll probably lose my right ovary. I'm so upset, I've not stopped crying. I just wanted my own family, my only thing I really wanted in life. I'm so devastated, I know it's all early days and just the beginning of a very long road, I hope I can cope.

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I'm so sorry to hear that lovely, and how unprofessional of the nurses! Make a complaint about them because nobody should be made to feel bad for accessing goddamn healthcare, especially with chronic illness! That is definitely hard news to hear, but you'll get through, you've been strong enough to deal with endo so far, you can get through this. Don't forget, it's not definite about your right ovary, and miracles do happen. I wish I could say more, or do more, to help you out - I'm here if you need to chat xoxo

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I'm glad that they've finally taken your pain seriously!yes agree with previous comment - complain about the nurses treating you that way.

Also my friend got told she could never have kids due to endo. She's pregnant and due in Feb. I know everyone is different but sometimes docs don't know it all.

Hope you get your strength up and heal.


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