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Bad back pain!!!

Hi, I was after a bit of advice. As an endo sufferer I am used to lower back pain but this month I am in agony. My period is a week late, and for the last 2 weeks I have had a lot of back pain, but the last couple of days the pain is horrendous. I haven't seen my consultant in nearly 2 yrs, have had a lot of problems with trying to see her. I am supposed to be seeing her November 25th, but the last few have been canceled so I'm not holding my breath. I don't feel I can go to my GP as they just say 'wait until you see your consultant' any advice would be much appreciated x

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Same here! My back pain is almost like a dull pressure. I struggle to get comfortable even laying down it feels like it spreads to my buttocks. I have an appt tomorrow to see gynae. GP reckons endo may have spread to my bowels hence the pain. I also have ibs symptoms. Have you had problems with bms? Sorry personal question but it may answer part of the problem? X


What's bms? My pain also spreads through to my bum. Just hoping that my consultant doesn't cancel yet about appointment as this constant pain is draining!! X


Bowel movements lol

Sometimes the pain in your back is worse before one.... Could indicate its spread. Insist on seeing the consultant or ask for another x


I get back pain I never had it till couple of months ago! If worse comes to worse ask to see a different consultant or be referred back to Gyne or different hospital? Heat pads can sometimes help but don't over do it! Be careful but go to you GP if it gets to much or call 111 and ask for a doctor I do that and they are really helpful and always understand about GPs xxxx


Even if you are waiting to see your consultant, go back to your GP anyway. At least she can give you some pain killers.

I've been waiting to see my consultant and was extremely disappointed once I did.

She offered me 3 mths of prostrap injections for my severe pain, in 6 mths time??

Don't hold your breath, even when you do see the consultant you won't necessarily get results. My advice would be to write everything down that you want to discuss and make sure that you do, otherwise they will try and talk you out of your problems!! Even my GP doesn't agree with the consultant I saw!!



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