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2 months post op

I had a Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy with Curettage in September and had quite a few complications which I posted on here then. Since having to get a second Lap, things got better and the pain went away for a few weeks only to come back 10 times worse.

I've not got another hospital appointment until just before Christmas and although that doesn't seem like too long to wait, I'm in an extreme amount of pain and the pain relief that my GP is giving me isn't helping at all now and they refuse to do anything else until after the hospital.

Would I be better to go private to be seen to earlier, has anyone went private after nhs and if so does it move along quicker?

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Yes going private means it definitely goes a lot quicker from my experience! Do you have BUPA or similar from your work benefits?


I have private health insurance and only took me a week to get my first consultant apt then had my operative lap the week after. So much much quicker. From experience of other non endo related surgery, after care is much better too, and follow ups quicker. I also got to pick my consultant so im under the most experienced and qualified endo consultant in my area.


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