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Laparoscopy done

I got my 1st laparoscopy & dye test yesterday I stayed in hospital overnight as I had a catheter & cyst drain in. They could not remove my cysts due to them being stuck to various places so they drained them. I was shown 6 photos of my insides showing me what's adhessions to what. My left side appears unable to be of use but the right fallopian tube had some dye going through & biopsy taken from right ovary also. I was advised I woud be entitled to 2 rounds of ivf on nhs (husband has previously had a child) I must admit I didn't think I would be in as much pain & discomfort glad to be home & in my own bed although the electric hospital bed was handy for helping to get out of bed. The drain coming out was an experience I never want to have again wow!

Now time for recovery, the ward sister advised 4-6weeks no lifting, bending hoovering etc depending on your job but do not rush back until totally healed.

I'm a nurse & was advised to take at least the 6weeks after what's been done.

so follow up in February for infertility clinic bm has to come down to 30 before being considered (mines 32) for ivf & it's a year's waiting list. So recover & then diet!!

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hi we had ivf due to husbands low sperm count and my endo problems . also had to get my bm down before . we went to Bristol for ours they where great .after test after 2 time they told me my eggs had expired and with husbands problems it did not work for us but if you want to know anything how it works ect I would be happy to answer . we went on to adopt best thing ever .

hope the recovery is not 2 bad I had 2 lap one with removal of endo but it has all come back now :( I am due a hysterectomy on Monday so I will with you for the next 6 weeks :( I cant sit still for 5 min so this long is going to be hard lol x


Thank you, that's very helpful

I hope Your recovery is gentle & comfortable x


hi hows it all going I am one week down tummy feels like I have done 10 rounds not liking sitting still and everyone is driving me mad . just want to get up and do it for them could scream cant wait for my mum to arrive on Monday . I will be able to relax and not worry . rant over lol


I'm getting there! 2weeks tomorrow after laparoscopy still got some discomfort, my stitches still not dissolved yet! I've been feeling very tired but think that's the pain killers. Feeling the pressure to return to work, as Christmas is approaching couldn't go back just now & hospital advised 6 wks to go back which is Christmas day!

I've got a bit of a sore belly button, I always had an "innie" belly button but came out of hospital with an "outie" lol

Hope you can relax when your mum arrives.


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