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Laparoscopy recovery

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Last Wednesday I had a laparoscopy and removal of ovarian cysts. I didn’t realise how bloated and painful my stomach would be! They ended up having to make 4 incisions and a 5th for a drain. Nearly a week on and my stomach is still so bloated and although the pain has subsided, I’m still finding it really uncomfortable in bed and can only lie on my back, not even side yet. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for bloating to go down?

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Hi my lap was on 14th had endo excised and I can sleep on my left side with cushions and pillows for support but keep waking up every few hours as can’t seem to get proper comfy and it all feels bruised. My stomach is still swollen too. Have been drinking loads of peppermint tea. It all takes time I suppose. Hopefully we will soon pass this stage. X

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Hi, thanks for your reply, hope you’re feeling more comfortable soon too. It does put my mind at rest that others seem to be having similar recovery periods. X


I had my surgery on 9th for removal of a ovarian cyst & endo that was found elsewhere & dye through tubes. I found the first week really uncomfortable, but I am very much back to normal now, my stomach is still a little swollen but isn’t painful anymore.

I hope in the next few days things settle down for you, and don’t be too hard on yourself xx

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Thanks Chloe, you’re right I think I’m being too hard on myself just wanting everything to be back to ‘normal’. Glad you are feeling much better now.

It took 3 weeks for my swollen belly to go down, and another 3 weeks to feel ‘normal’ again. We’re all different. Don’t forget you’ve just had major surgery and your body needs to heal.

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Thanks Moonglo, you’re right I need to remember that! I’m not very good at resting but I’m making myself take it easy. X

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Moonglo in reply to SarahBee1

Get well soon :)

I had my laparoscopy on 16 , one week today, feel much better but my belly still look like a balloon, I can not sleep on my back which I needed to for one week but now I did started to sleep on a side with lots of cushions . Hope you will feel better soon 😘

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Thanks for your reply Frussy! Hope you’re feeling better soon too xx

Hi i had surgery on 2nd sept and would like to reassure you that the bloating does go down. I was told that because of covid they cant suck the air out of you after the op like they would normally do. My stomach is still a little swollen 3 weeks on and i feel my recovery has been slow. I can still only sleep on my back and find it hard to sit for any length of time. The pain is better but where i have incision sites they are hard and tender. Everyone heals at different rates so be kind to yourself, sometimes we just have to slow down and listen to what our bodies are telling us.

Hope you feel better soon xx

Thanks 😊 glad to hear the swelling does go down with time. You’re very right, I need to be kind to myself and take it easy. Hope you’re fully recovered soon x

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