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laparoscopy done this morning such good news :)


Hi all I had my lap this morning and feel great my ovaries were stuck to me and had lots of adhesions, polyps cysts and three legions of endometriosis patches. my leg pain has already gone and the pain from the lap is better than pain s fro. the past two years.

I am going to try the implant as well this week and nothing else has worked yet so fingers crossed I an fixed :)

love to you all that gas given me so much support over the last year I hope you all keep soldiering on xx

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I had my lap on Wednesday and feel the same as you. Such relief from the ongoing daily pain that I had just 'got used to'.

Had endo removed from behind both ovaries, behind my womb and from the left side of my pelvic wall. As a surprise my surgeon also removed my appendix as it looked suspicious.

Apart from my wounds and pain from surgery which are clearly making me feel very sore

I feel energised and such a sense of release from constant pain.

Pleased your op went well - 2013 is going to be a great year for you and I! Thank goodness for surgeons!

Fantastic news to hear Minime1. Glad your op went well and you are feeling so much better so early on :)

Fingers crossed you have a good result from the implant too.

Really happy for you. Constant nagging pain and bleeding (for me).I am waiting for mine. Feeling very anxious for the operation. But, now you can enjoy life a bit more. Happy 2013.

Thank you xxx Neal07 being anxious is normal just remember soon you will be feeling the same as me 2013 Will be a good year for us all I'm sure of it xx

You have no idea how good reading your great results has made me feel. My lap is arranged for the 14th and it seems weird to say but i am very excited about it. I hope i have as good results as yours.

Gives us all a bit of hope. and even if it dosen't work for everyone its great to know that it has worked for someone. I can imagine how happy you must feel x

let us know how it goes my fingers will be crossed for you xxxxx

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