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Laparoscopy done today... endometriosis found!

I've just got home from my first laparoscopy, been working myself up for weeks over it but I'm so pleased it's over and done with now. I'm in agony and can hardly move but it's worth it now knowing there is actually something wrong. They've said they found endometriosis and would need further appointments to talk about treatment, they spoke about starting menopause early? I was confused with what they were saying and will have to wait until I see them again to go through it all. At least for now I have a reason as to why I've felt crap for well over a year. Just hope in the future I'll still be able to have children.

Oh they also took the mirena coil out whilst I was under anathestic.-hopefully my mood swings will settle. Despite being in so much pain I'm a happy girl to finally have a few answers. Thank you all for you're continuing support and advise xxx

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Hey. I'm glad your Laproscopy went ok, and although it's awful to have the endometriosis diagnosis, at least you know what you have and that yes, your symptoms are not all in your head! ( I really thought all mine where normal..... Sigh)

I think the talk about early menopause will be to do with a treatment that is often used. I'm on an injection called decapeptyl ( there is also one called zoladex) this is a drug that puts your body into a 'fake menopause' it stop your body producing the hormone which endometriosis 'feeds off'. Someone may be along to explain it better than me.....

Anyway. It usually stops you periods, therefore stops period/ endo pains aswell.

I did 5 months of zoladex a while back and it really helped whilst on it. But do make sure you understand what treatment you are being given and the possible side effects aswell.

Wish you a speedy recovery... I'm two weeks post op and doing really well now. First few days were rough, but hopefully you will see improvements every day.

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Ps. Once you stop the injections your body will return to having periods etc. I'm still trying to conceive so after 3 months I'm coming off the injections to start trying again and have more ivf treatment.


This is what I'm worried about having children. I desperately want to have a family over the next couple of years. xxx


Brownbear.... you might have no problems getting pregnant once you start to try... for some ladies with endo it seems they can conceive with little or no problems. Its the unknown I'm afraid. Just cross that bridge when you come to it hun. Speedy recovery xx

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Sounds like they are talking about giving you GNRH analogues which I think gives s temporary menopause, if u go down that route ask for add back treatment ( this is HRT) which will help you with the menopausal symptoms. Write down lots of questions before you go back to discuss treatment plan. May be worth searching on here the experiences of others here on the different options such as Mirena, GNRH analogues, pain control, continuous use of the pill without the usual week off at the of pack.


Hi hun I hope you feeling okay im waiting for my lap atm just wondering what it feels like? N how long is recovary? Im so anxious about it, ps. Im exactly the same im scared I cant have a baby too but im sure u will hun xx


It's not the nicest things to have done. I feel like I can't move as my stitches may pop open, the surgeon after surgery assured me they wouldn't though lol. I've not been able to do much, my partner is amazing and not sure what i would do without him.

I had my op weds and only now staring to feel like the gas they pump you with is starting to slowly go. I've gone off my food and only drinking water or juice. I can't get dressed so have been living in my pjs and laying flat in bed, I've been making myself try to get up more but all I've wanted to do is sleep. On the 3rd day I got up and attempted to tidy up and vacuum the house.. Wrong move!!

All I was told was to take paracetamol and ibrupofen. I called my doctor the next day and was prescribed naproxen instead of ibrupofen. I've not had a proper bowel movement since before the op so my doctor gave me a lactulose.

I also had the mirena coil removed whilst I was in surgery so I've been in discomfort with that and heavy bleeding. I wasn't given a specific recovery time or even much information after the op which isn't great. They advised me to self certificate myself off sick for the first week and go back to the Drs for a sick note thereafter. I can see this being a min of 2 week recovery (maybe longer!) but I'm on a sickness review at my work so trying to go back asap. This was my first lap to find a diagnosis, after surgery I wasn't told much what they done just that they'd found endo and would be getting me an appointment to discuss treatment.

Sorry to run on hehe!! Here if you want a chat anytime xx


Omg I am really dreading it now! ! It sounds so bad, im really scared, sometimes I just wish I ignored symptoms, im proper anxious you know I know I need to have it done n plus my mum eill go mad if I don't, it sounds so painful, dr prescribed me naproxen to handle pain until lap, I hope ur okay btw, is it true u cabt shower after it? Xx


Brown bear...... Just wanted to say... Do not Hoover hun! Leave that until at least two weeks after your lap. And no lifting anything either. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. It's early days, but guarantee this time next week you will be feeling much Improved. X


Laura, I had a shower 48hrs after my lap in the hospital. The nurses encouraged you to do this... Soaked off my dressing and left them to air after that too. Good luck hun. X



I'm glad it went well for you!! Well, i'm glad you have some answers :)

Whilst obviously it's really sad you've got endometriosis - i had my laparoscopy today, ten months of myself and all other health professionals thinking I had it, in a lot of pain from the surgery - for them to say there is nothing showing there and everything is totally fine.

I felt like I was going to burst into tears. I didn't want to have endem, but I did not want nothing to be the outcome!

I feel I understand how you may have been feeling about the possibility about having children, as that's what I have spent the last months worrying and getting upset over also. So that's totally normal.

At least you have further appointments coming up to discuss these things further with them, and they may be able to suggest all sorts of options to you - don't loose faith yet! They've got some plans set in place for you, and hopefully now they have diagnosed endem, they can move forward swiftly in order to help you the best they can :) x


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