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Horrendous cramps! Mirena?

Hi everyone, I had surgery an mirena inserted on Monday night. All has been fine since until early hours of this morn when I woke up to what felt like labour pain. I had to take codeine and 800mg ibuprofen which only took the edge off it. I still feel really crampy and sore this morn. Is this a side effect of the mirena starting to work or do you think I'm best going to the docs to have it checked? There's no bleeding or discharge so I don't think it's infection. It was serious endo pain! And a lot of sharp pain on the right side :(

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I have the mirena too (fitted in February) and for a few days I kept getting horrible cramping pain which felt like labour pains. If you haven't had children you're likely to feel it! Because it sits in the cervix, your cervix actually tries to push it out, which is the labour type pains you're saying. In the first 20 days there's like a 20% chance that it will expel itself! (come out)

Check your strings and make sure you can't feel any of the coil itself (if you can't, go to a doctor to check if the pains get worse) or get your partner, if you have one, to check for you! If the pains persist severely, go straight to the doctor who fitted it and ask them to check it!

Good luck :)


Hi, I had lap and mirena coil inserted on Tuesday night. I am still sore and ache and am regularly taking co-codomol every 4 hours to relieve the pain. I am not driving yet as the stitches sit where my seatbelt would touch. After reading about post op, I've been out for a walk to the local shops and to visit a friend. I haven't exerted myself or anything and I'm still spotting (very lightly). Apart from that I am not experiencing any more pain. I would prob go back to docs to give you peace of mind and I would take regular painkillers too. Hope you get sorted soon xx


Thanks ladies, the cramps have died down today and I've been out and about with the kids :) I think I've been overdoing it and I didn't have any pain meds yesterday so it's prob crept up on me overnight when my bodies had a chance to rest. I find it difficult resting as I'm always on the go with work, kids etc. I'm on strict orders from my other half and mum to chill out this weekend. And il make sure to keep taking pain relief every 4/5 hours as I don't want that happening again. I was nearly crying like a baby it hurt that bad! I am ovulating as well and I always get cramps and bleeding with ov so maybe it's a bit of that to x x I've just been to have swabs taken as well just to be on the safe side.


hi, i had the coil fitted under GA whilst they did loadsssssss of others bits (inc cyst &adhesion removal) i do feel a bit like i am having a period no bleeding just a little clear mucous discharge. painkillers taking care of the pain very well. however i have not been told how to check/feel for the threads, i have a minor cervical ablation as well whilst under so am a little put off having a feel up there :S


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