Severe breast pain with Mirena

Hi. Please help me. I had Mirena fitted 10 weeks ago, and whilst I think it's fabulous, no period pain or endo symptoms, less moods, barely any bleeding etc, I have noticed that every month my breasts swell and I go up a whole cup size (which I'm not totally unhappy about). The problem with the swelling is I have the worst pain in them. It's similar to a mastitis type pain and I feel like I need to breast feed (not pregnant or recently had a child) but its the only way I can describe it. Has any one else had this side effect or should I call my dr? Thanks x

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  • i had this when my mirena was in, very very painful and felt very lumpy, i started getting paranoid about breast lumps, it wouldn't hurt to speak to your gp if you're concerned but it does sound very similar to how my breasts felt when i had the mirena. unfortunately the mirena didnt really help me as they'd hoped it would, yes it reduced the heaviness of the bleeding but increased in daily bleeding, and levelled out moods but it made my pain much worse, and i had periods about every 2-3 wks, and would have full on contractions, like i was in late stage labour, for days - i'm glad its working for you though, when it works for women it can be amazing xx

  • Hi

    My thoughts exactly. Had it fitted 3 months ago and noticed a change in my boobs - made me paranoid. Appears it is a slight side effect what with the daily dose of hormones going in. Since having it fitted the pain and bleeding has drastically reduced but my mood swings are awful...only last one day every few weeks though so i can put up with it ( fortunately so can my work colleagues) it's worth it to be virtually pain free for once. Don't worry about the boobs chick x

  • Yes. My pain is excruciating and I've been so paranoid about being pregnant. They aren't just sore but actually HURT and wake me up in the night. They've been sore before (and I have taken three pregnancy tests since I got Mirena in 2013. ) This is worse tha pain From a pregnancy. I think the Mirena isn't worth it and I want mine out so I can sleep again!

  • I have had mirena for almost 2 months , to control my thick endometrium that was causing unbelievable bleeding , my breasts got one size bigger and hurt so much , but now the bleeding stopped after a month and half of irregular bleeding and spotting

  • Hi

    I got the mirena coil in while I was getting a hysteroscopy done. They removed polpy in my womb and done a d&c. I've being having awful back and hip pain and sharp shooting pain in lower tummy. I think that's what is expected within the first few weeks? But I'm in so much pain with my breasts now 2 weeks on I actually can't touch them and my nipples are very sensitive it's actually stopping me from doing my daily activities. Normally I would be buying a pregnancy test because this has always being my 1st symptoms of pregnancy but d fact I have the coil there's no chance. It's awful pain I'm hoping this doesn't continue every month r it's coming out.

  • Hi, I've used the Mirena long term and found that these kinds of side effects settle after a while. I'm sorry that I can't remember how long it took. But it does get easier, whilst the benefits remain. I'm glad I stuck it out.

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