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Not very helpful gynae

I had my three month appointment with my consultant two weeks ago, even though I didn't see her I saw one of her registrars, who asked me how I was feeling after the lap & having finished the zoladex, I said I still have backache & she said painkillers wouldn't work but to try cerazette (cerelle)

instead. I received a letter from my doctor telling me I had been discharged from the hospital which annoyed me because I could have been told that two weeks ago. I also received a copy of the letter sent to my doctor from the gynae specialist telling my doctor that I had my cyst removed ?? which I hadn't been told about on 1st July. Saw my doctor yesterday to get cerelle & co-codamol on prescription which I took to the chemist this morning and very happy because of taking cerelle to control my symptoms of endo which is a contraceptive, I discovered its free. hooray and I've got painkillers at last.


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