Feeling really low

Feeling really low at the moment. Have pain in my right side, in my hip, am extremely bloated, constipated, feel like my food isn't digesting properly. Just started taking microgynon pill again and it doesn't seem to have helped yet. Have docs appointment next week so will discuss with her then just feel very alone at the moment. Sorry for the rant

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  • Hey Leanne, Do you take a laxative? I find that Macrogol helps me. - Not a cure all, but you can up or lower the amount you take according to how you feel. I also found lowering my dairy intake helped with the worst of the bloating. It's horrible to feel like that all the time and you have my sympathy. Try a hot bath, and there are some Yoga positions (have a look on youtube) which can help with constipation.

  • Try having a low GI diet. I admit at first I didn't see the point in it but my doctor put me on it and most of my bloatedness has disappeared and my pain has reduced a lot so far! You never know, it could work for you too!

  • Hi thank you for our reply. What sort of foods would you recommend?

  • Just to cut out potatoes (I've cut out all types of potatoes except i have chips a couple of times a week), boiled potatoes are alright for you! And ive changed from white bread to soya &linseed. Ive only made a couple of changes and its made a massive difference! Ive lost 7lbs in 2 weeks so far and the pain levels have dropped so much. I really hope this works for you!

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