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Pins and needles in right side of body

Hi I had laparoscopic surgery on 11th sept where they removed an endometrioma from left ovary and unstuck it from my bowel. Also a lot of adhesions were removed plus s large endometriosis nodule removed that was behind vagina and stuck to rectum. I'm recovering ok if feeling very tired after doing anything but for last few days I've had this weird pins and needles feeling in right leg mainly on the outside and last 3 toes also down right arm and 2 little fingers.

I don't feel ill but I have tripped up a few times with the right foot as its a bit numb I think.

I had an epidural for pain relief could this be the cause? Obviously I'll see my gp if it carries on but wondered if anyone has had similar?

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I have not yet had any surgery for endometriosis but was diagnosed in July. I'm not exactly sure how much or where I have it as Drs wouldn't tell me much. Anyway I often get the same pain/ pins and needles/ numbness as you! Down the outside of my right leg and arm and into my ring and little finger. Wish I had done advice but I'm at a loss myself! Hope you feel better x


Thanks for replying, it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one with this symptom. Although I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Another thought I had was whether some kind of nerve is pressed when I have bad bloating which I have had severe for past week.


Yes that's all I can think it is too. The leg pain I can understand with endo but the strange arm feelings I can't. Like you I've thought nerve compression of some sort or even endo on the diaphram? They didn't look that far up on my lap so I don't know. If I find out I'll let you know! X


Hi there, yes I get pin and needles and a weird numbness on my right side, in my leg and hip and sometimes my hands too I went to the dr but they had no idea what it was just said it could be a nervous trapped from when I had my last op as it was long. I'm not convinced but can't find any other explanation!


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