Side effects of marina coil

Hi, I am around 8 weeks post laparoscopy where I had stage 2 endo removed from my bladder, ovaries and deep within the ligaments in my pelvis. The consultant has also advised that I have a andymiosis. Anyway I has the marina inserted but I am still bleeding 8 weeks on and my skin is awful. I just wondered if anyone else had similar side effects and if it will settle down. Thanks

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  • I am in week 3 post op, a similar grade I think to you. I am bleeding daily too, had my first spot in ages and may be having some emotional side effects. I have heard it can take quite a while and not everyone gets on with it due to its side effects. The jury is out I guess. I've not even gone one full cycle yet.

  • I have adenomyosis. It can take 4-6 months for periods to get to a manageable stage after the insertion of a Mirena but then it's pretty much plain sailing from then on.

    I'm waiting for an appointment to get fitted with my third. Can't recommend it highly enough.

  • For me it's mindset. I can't tell the difference between PMS and the supposed side effects so I just deal with each as it comes along.

    I can highly recommend looking at for great advice on skincare for hormonal skin.

  • Thanks I wll def take a look x

  • That Caroline website .com takes you to a spammy discount aggregate website?

  • Just checked works for me, try

  • Thanks for the reply. 4/6 months seems such a long time. Can I ask did your skin settle down x

  • It does seem like a long time but persevere, it will get better and yes my skin did get miles better. With my skin, I found treating as if it was dehydrated /sensitive worked better than using acne specific skincare. I like La Roche Posay Effaclar in particular, it's available in Boots.

  • Thanks so much I'll definitely give it a go. Glad it worked out for you x

  • Hi - it took about 4 months for the bleeding & spots to stop. I also had severe headaches. I'm nearly 5 months in everything is calming down including the headaches. Persevere if you can, but I know it's hard. Xxx

  • Hi, thanks for replying. I'm really struggling with it at the mo. It's the constant bleeding that's hard to deal with. And the painful spits. X

  • I have had roaccutane for painful spots but it's too much anyone to cope with heavy periods and a heavy duty spot medication. I love my mirena, I've long forgotten the bedding in period, you'll reap the benefits soon enough xx

  • Thanks I'll def try sticking with it for a few more months x

  • I wore panty liners daily & kind of got used to it. I also took paracetamol & migraine tablets regularly. I'd got to my wits end after 4 months but then the bleeding, tummy pain & headaches stopped - I still expect it all to come back but it hasn't yet. Xx

  • Thanks again. I saw my consultant 2 weeks ago and he offered my 2 options, a total hysterectomy or hormone or some hormone therapy for a year to slow things down. I had asked to wait a few months to see how my body settles with three coil and removal of endometriosis. Due back in March so hopefully I can hold out lol x

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