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Surgey next week hysterectomy an bowel reconstruction

I go in for surgery next week for hysterectomy bowel reconstruction an bladder stent. Am getting nervous now and am more anxious as wether or not av got to have bowel prep no one mentioned it to me an I have to go in day early an as you can imagine it wont be nice doing business on ward sharing same toilet. Wil I be having it from you experience

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Hi there

What a marathon you have to go through ...the last time I went in for endo. Bowel surgery I asked if I could go in early on the op morning because of bowel prep and this was allowed it may worth asking ..all the very best to you


Did u ring an ask in advancr or do you think I shud wait till I go in day b4 an ask if I can take it home. Thank u


I asked at the pre op assessment the week before might worth phoning the ward to ask best of luck


Hi, unfortunately I don't have any experience that I can share. i need to do the same surgery, but am trying to hold off until I have at least tried IVF, unfortunately I will only give IVF one try because I need 2 surgeries for them to be able to collect the eggs due to the bowel being stuck to true ovaries and uterus, I am doing this not in October finally. Becaise of the increase of pain I am having, my colorectal surgeon has said that they will give me the chance of one try and then if doesn't work out they need I start planning the surgery, cause my body cant handle the pain anymore. I would be very interested in hearing about your experience with this surgery. And I hope everything goes well! Will be thinking of you!!!


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