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Is this my pain?

Hi ladies! I posted for the first time here a few days ago! I suspect I have endometriosis and have been dealing with symptoms since I got my period at age 13. Here is my previous post with some background:


So right now I am ovulating. I am unsure how long ovulation usually takes but I have been experiencing pelvic pain since Monday and I suspect it's because I am ovulating. Normally I wouldn't pay attention to which part of my cycle I am in because I don't know, however I saw a doctor on Monday who did an ultrasound so I know I am ovulating.

ANYWAY...Monday my pain was really low grade but it was there. I even thought that maybe it was just psychological since I've been stressed out about this endo business.

But once I felt the more prevalent shooting pains (minor but there) it was clear that it IS here and it's not my brain.

So now it's Thursday and I have been experiencing lower back pain, pain in my lower belly (sometimes I'm not sure what is my the pelvic pain and what isn't), bloating (something I regularly experience even upon eating small amounts of food or even water)..

These past few days, when I squeeze my belly while urinating (as I write this I thought to myself "why do I squeeze our while urinating?") I feel some lower belly/pelvic pain like minor period cramps.

Do these things sound familiar?

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It's almost as if you are in my body too! I am not diagnosed yet, but hope it helps knowing that you are not alone. Even the point about thinking I was making it up, I tried ignoring it, but it didn't go away.

Hope you feel better soon x


It's definitely good to know that what I'm experiencing isn't unique to me!

Were you diagnosed with endo? And if so, are these symptoms of your endo?


Hello lovely! I hope you are feeling much better than you were when you wrote this post. Alike you, I am also on the hunt for a diagnosis of endometriosis! Last year I had a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with IBS, I was pretty gutted to say the least! Anyway, as time moved on, I noticed I only ever "flared up" when I got my period. The symptoms would be heavy bleeding/increased amount of brown blood/migraines that would not go away/a consistent ache in my lower back/stabbing pains in my pelvis/pain in my legs/I would feel so so tired and get dizzy spells also! As I am sure you have read, everybody is different but those were mine!

Finding out what is wrong with your body is never easy! It's such a long and tedious thing but your health comes above everything! I really hope you find some answers!


What you are describing sounds so so much like what I'm dealing with!

I don't want to pinpoint every little thing I feel and say "oh it can be endo!" But the thing is...it all relates!!

I totally experience symptoms of IBS among other things that are endo related so I'm glad to finally be doing something about it.


How do you feel now?


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