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How long before your endo returned?

If it even has returned after surgery! (Hopefully not!) I remain positive.... after having my 1st lap in May and having endo removed from my bladder, I have lived the past 3 months in what I can only call bliss! After suffering from constant bladder infections, lower back pain, bloating, pelic pain etc, etc, I finally thought I had conquored the beast for what I had hoped would be a year, maybe more?

I tricycle the pill, I didn't want a coil fitted as I knew my partner and I would start trying for a family soon. I was actually considering taking my pill for a longer lengh of time to stop my periods, something that I am planning to speak to my GP about, but this month was advised to have one as i'm due my smear and my last one showed abnormal cells. I was sent for a biopsy which came back as CIN1, so its quite important that my cervix is in the "optimum" state for having a smear which is about 2 weeks after your period.

This is not the first bleed I have had since my lap. The first, was actually OK pain wise just very heavy. This one however has been something else all together. I've spent two days in bed unable to move and the worst thing that could possibility happen to me has happened - I've got a bladder infection. I also noticed that using a tampon was irritating me, which has never happened before! I stopped using them once i'd put together what was causing the pain and was hopful a was a lower end UTI and could be flushed out. No luck with that so far :-( The thought that my endo may have returned back to its usual haunting ground has put the fear of god into me. Living a "normal" life for the past 3 months without being in pain or miserable was so wonderful. Surely it is just an irritation caused by a new found allergy to tampons? Any advice would be much appriciated!


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My endo returned to the same place in the space of 2 yrs but there is a question mark whether mine was treated properly the first thing. Had 2 laps in 2yrs under 2 different consultants.


I'm slightly concerned that like you said Dolly, it just wasn't all treated properly in the first place and a tiny piece was left over. Only time will tell I guess and I remain hopeful! X


My consultant found a small old spot on my left ovary which fell away when he touched it (finding this hard to believe now). I was fine from June last year until February this year.... I now have chronic back ache, fatigue , heavy pelvis and daily twinges in my left ovary. Sometimes it's so bad I can barely move. It's starting on the right now too and sex is becoming painful. I was not like this before... gp says it's endo and it's come back. I now worry its come back with a vengeance and affecting everything... even going to the loo sometimes hurts...

Hope they got all of yours out a d removed it properly xxxx


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