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Endo returned?

I was diagnosed with endo in 2012. Had an op in october 2012. Theyy excised adhesions etc. I have severe pain returned. Is this normal can endo return this quick?? I hav severe pain if I have any movement in my bowel and if my bladder is full I get unbearable pain. Im also getting severe pulling pain if I cough? Can endo be that bad to come back that quick?

Thank you any advice really needed. I see my consultant in january 2014.

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Mine retuned 7 months after my first op, it then took over a year to get my next operation, I've just had another last week where they cut rather than lasered it off, hopefully it'll last a little longer .. X


Unfortunately yes it can return that quick and even quicker for some ladies. It only takes one missed patch or one new patch of endo growing right on a sensitive nerve spot to have you back to square one pain wise. That's the big problem with endo. There isn't a cure- just a constant battle one thing after another trying to cope with what it throws at you next.

You may also have deveoped adhesions (scar tissue) which can glue organs together, and these are often a cause of pain when doing other things like sports or coughing or shifting heavy furniture.

Time to head back to the gynae to plan a battle campaign for this new endo pain.

Hopefully with longer lasting good results next op.


Had my op same time as you last year, removed my right ovary and tube, endo nd detached my bowel from my womb. I was pain free for 2 months, have finally got to go back to my gyne, am on prostrap and more than likely to have my other ovary removed, as there is a cyst on this one also.


Mine did. I had diathermy during my lap in May 2012 and my Endo symptoms returned just over 12 months later (and that was with me tricycling the pill)


Gosh its so good to hear similar stories! Yeas during my last op I had bowel stuck tomy pelvic wall and an ovary stuck to my abdomen.

Ive been on prostap forvthe last 6 mobths and have still got this pain back. This worries me!!

I am only 27 so no kids yet.


I am the same. Had my lap in nov 2012. For the last two months i have had severe pain, worse with bowel movements plus i have an anal fissure which is more so agonising. Went to doctors but he didn't take me seriously for endo but did for the fissure and referred me to a specialist for that. He said he could feel my stomach is really tendor so sent me for an ultrasound last week and i have a sigmoidoscopy on thurs this week to check all is ok and to treat the fissure. Am hoping this consultant willl refer me to the gynaecologist as tge doctor didn't. No fun being a woman. Pretty much had enough of it all now, so can completely empathise with you ladies xxxx


hi all, I had my first lap november 2012, i had relief of some symptoms for 3 months then back to usual. Took me ages to get back to see gynae. Had my 2nd lap 8 weeks ago which has made no difference, in fact I'm having more pain than I ever have. Going back to see my gynae in Jan but not sure where its going to go from here. Pretty much had enough of it all. Currently trying for a baby so I guess I'm a bit restricted with regards to treatment. Could do with some advise too xx


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