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Gyne appointment on Friday.. is there anything I can do/say that will make them take me seriously and treat me quicker?

Hey everyone, I saw Gyne last year and had a laparoscopy to remove Endo (mainly behind my ovaries and on my womb) I also had some cervical erosion that was treated and the Mirena Coil fitted.. three months later I felt fantastic and was discharged from Gyne clinic - no more pain, no more heavy/uncontrollable bleeding, I had no breakthrough bleeding or periods. I honestly felt like my life had finally started after dealing with these symptoms for so many years.

Of course my happily ever after didn't happen.. six months later the stomach pains started up, stupidly I thought they were just normal pains and nothing to worry about. Then came the heavy bleeding, I went straight to my GP and was given Norethisterone, it done the job and I naively thought my body was just adjusting or doing it's thing. Wrong again - it's now got to the point where I've had to take Norethisterone everyday since the end of May otherwise I will bleed heavily (when I say heavy, I will bleed through a tampon, pad, underwear and trousers all at once). As if that isn't enough, I've also had a batholin's cyst since June that won't go away.

It's my Gyne appointment in a couple of days, I assume that I'll need another laparoscopy, but is there anything I can do to make them treat me quicker? Or has anyone opted to go private instead of through the NHS? I understand that there's waiting lists, lot of ladies needing treatment etc but I'm literally at breaking point. I've become so depressed in just the past few months alone, that I don't think I could cope with another 3/4 month wait.

Thanks for any help, sorry if I seem moany! xx

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It sounds to me that the bleeding is the main issue right now rather than the endo, and that being the case you need to be checked to make sure the mirena is still inside and in the right location by having a scan.

The cyst needs draining and removing - so that would mean a small op and possible the mirena needs replacing which could be done at the same time if needs be.

If the combination of mirena and booster hormones like norethisterone are not enough to stop the bleeding, then you really are at the stage of deciding whether it is time for an endometrial ablation to cook the inside of the uterus so it no longer grows a menstrual lining and you stop your periods that way, or hysterectomy if that would suit you better and MEA is not possible.

Heavy Uterine bleeding is not caused by endo it can cause endo.

Having endo elsewhere can reduce the amount of bloodclotting fctors available to stem the flow in the uterus and clot the hundreds of wounds left behind when the lining sheds each month, making bleeds longer and heavier that they perhaps ought to be.

Fibroids too can be the cause of heavy periods andthey need to be checked for with a scan (can be combined with the scan to check on that old mirena. )

For your visit which is never very long to discuss everything that's wrong, you need to prioritise what you want dealing with first and stick to your guns.

I would suggest the cyst, checking the mirena and for fibroids are high priority, and then if you are prepared to take more drastic action to stop period gushers that you discuss the MEA procedure too.

Do homework on GnRH drugs like Zoladex and Prostap as you may be offered those in the hope it will provide you with relief from the bleeds for a short time while you consider your options, some of which are irreversable.

You know how much happier life was without periods gushing, so be honest with yourself and if that is enough to make such a dramatic difference to your life it has to be worth considering as a permanent solution, however you decide to get to that.

Take notes in with you to remind you of the keypoints you need to discuss and that the surgeon is there for surgery, not also for emotional counselling, so keep to the facts and stick to your guns about what you need them to help you with nd you should get a olot more co-operation.

They are not mind readers, so it is best to have some goal in mind nd do some homework before you get in to the meeting. Very best of luck at the appointment.


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