dismissed and discharged :-(

hi folks.. im after some advice I have just been discharged by my gyne 9 months ago my gp referred me with query endo.. my symptoms permanent pain im my abdo which gets increasingly worse as I'm due a period.. very heavy painful periods and pain during intercourse. The gyne wouldn't do a laproscopy but prescribed me a 3 month course of zoladex which was wonderful after about week to ten ten days after first jab I realised I was in no pain at all :-D however once my first three have came to an end my gyne wanted me to wait a month b4 going back I did start to feel pain again nothing like b4 but very much like the begining I was told this wasn't possible why would I be bleeding internally if not externally (about two days later I came on) but he gave me another 6 months course of zoladex still refusing a laproscopy.. now I'm being told the pain is in the wrong place to be gyne related and the zoladex only worked because of the placebo effect so having being told pain is subjective and I must have a low pain threshold I was discharged back to my gp.. my question is should I ask for a second opinion at z different hospital? it's worth noting I know at least two people who have had similar issues with this consultant who where then diagnosed and treated for gyne problems.. please help im still in pain (increasing daily) but also very distressed by this

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  • Yes I would ask for a second opinion, where is your pain, and what other symptoms do you get,

    Look at a lady called Lindle her posts are great and you could see how you relate to the symptoms on there and take them along to your Gp with a diary of your pain, keep pressing on with it, and keep your chin up


  • hi thanks for the reply my pain started on left side granted its rather high for ovaries (gyne said this) but caint endo be anywhere) but it is also lower left side across bottom of my abdo and lower right side... my other symptoms are pain top of left leg occssional back ache ( all which i thought were unrelated until the zoladex got rid of those as well) pain during and after intercourse but no bleeding and really heavy periods.

    The pain intensifies as im due on and settles a few days after i get my period but it never settles completely so each month it gets worse , fortunaetly i have a very good gp but caint get an appointment with him till 29/o4 the pain is a lot less severe now but then thanks to zoladex i havnt had a period for 6 months but can feel it getting worse as i approach my first period since i finished the zoladex

  • This is the pain i get except i get it right side. I am having a laproscopic surgery in 9 days time so I don't see why you are being refused! You definitely need to get a second opinion x

  • aww emily im so sorry to hear your in pain and not getting any help, as tboag mentioned, look on lindles posts she has amazing information, please please ask for a 2nd opinion and let us know how you get on.

    sending hugs


  • I will do thank you so much for your support its nice to know im not going mad.. when the consultant asks what your pain threshold is you begin to doubt yourself

  • Don't doubt yourself if your in pain then your in pain, it really dosnt mater what pain thesehold you have, it's still pain that hasn't been diagnosed and that shouldn't be there, we shouldn't get pain after sex or before and after period, perhaps a little during but that shouldn't be intense,

    Good luck xxx

  • thanks that makes me feel better i just want to know why im in pain why its effecting my daily life both with kids and husband he hates thinking he is hurting me and we do (did :-( ) have a very active love life now im just scared it will hurt and thats not right :-( he is being wonderfully supportive but this is effecting him as well

  • Hi Emily

    This consultant can't get away with the way he treated you as it shows such a stunning lack of understanding of endo that he really is not fit to be seeing women making decisions that could have a detrimental effect on the rest of their lives. The problem with such specialists, many of whom are no doubt excellent at what they do, is that they should limit their activities to precisely that - what they are trained to do. Obstetricians by definition are interested in fertility, that is the reproductive organs, and so their 'interest' in endo is limited to how it might affect fertility. This is why we have so many women being sent back, even after a lap, from them being told they don't have endo simply because nothing was found on their ovaries, tubes or uterus. But as we know that only brushes the surface of the complexities of endo.

    You have just sent me his name and I have checked his profile. As expected he is a general obstetrician but this has revealed that his special area of interest is gynaecological cancers - so he shouldn't even have seen you at all!

    He will be used to giving out Zoladex as a cancer specialist and for longer than the recommended 6 months. For women with suspected endo it is given to establish if it would make your pain go away by depleting your system of oestrogen that feeds endo. It doesn't always work if the endo is severe (stage 3/4) and involves deep tissues and adhesions, but it is the usual starting point after birth control medications. I don't know whether you had those first and found them unsuccessful, as Zoladex is a secondary treatment after those. That is underpinned by NHS protocol. Your pain did go away so it served his purpose in confirming that you have something that is being driven by oestrogen that causes pelvic pain, yet he says it was the placebo effect! In all my years of experience I have never heard that one before!

    I hope you have read my post on endo and its many possible symptoms to confirm your existing knowledge that you can have endo anywhere in the pelvis. Did he give you a thorough pelvic examination? Obviously period problems are generally standard with endo and they are related to abnormal hormone activity rather than endo implants (unless you happen to have them affecting your uterus) but your other symptoms are absolutely text book for endo behind the uterus, especially on the uterosacral ligament(s) - Back pain, leg pain and pain during and after intercourse, often persisting for days after. As endo here advances it will cause pain at times other than a period and will stop responding to Zoladex as adhesions become involved. Endo in these areas often causes the uterus to tilt back which adds to pain with sex. Of course this doesn't confirm that you have endo or in this area, but the important thing is that it confirms that you might and so must be pursued and not dismissed.

    Quite apart from the fact that you have very precise symptoms to indicate endo, the fact that Zoladex eased your pain considerably confirms that a lap is the next course. You must request a referral to an endo centre and you have one at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle and this won't even be for a second opinion because a first opinion from a cancer specialist for endometriosis was inappropriate and your GP should have never sent you to him when you have an endo centre presumably on your doorstep. Have a look at my post on finding a specialist.

    If this same consultant is seeing others to diagnose endo (not) then I think you should write him a letter detailing your encounter and symptoms to ensure it's on record and forcing him to confirm in writing that you definitely don't have endo. I'll message you privately about that. xx


  • wow thanks so much ...i felt i didnt tick all the boxes for hi m and when ever i tried to say anything that disproved his theory i was shouted down i saw him twice and two of his team memebers (lackies) the first one suggested the zoladex as an alternative to a lap as i have had a few abdominal surgerys but laughed when i said my gp reffered because he suspected endo because i shouldnt have pain all the time it should go when my perod ended ...but i now have some amunition to go back to my gp with him infairness to himhe reffered me as an urgent gyne refferal because of the pain i was in and it was a case of the first consultant available so i will go back and talk to him again thank you so much for your advice

  • You're very welcome Emily - but come back if you need further help x

  • I would definitely go for a second opinion ..demand a scan and ask for a laproscopy ... xx

  • hi there thanks for your support before I was referred to gyne I has an ultrasound and that came back clear im seeing my gp on 29th so see where I go from there xx

  • Get them to check for cyst .. as I have a dermoid cyst on my left ovary getting it removed tomorrow ..had a lap back in 2012 and was told then it was just a fibroid but now after fighting and demanding scans I know it's the dermoid and been suggested that I have endo .... again .. maybe they will look properly good luck xxx

  • Sorry to say it but this guy sounds completely out of his depth and not terribly experienced re endo. Yes please do ask for a second opinion and ask to be sent to an endometriosis specialist and not a general gynae.

  • Hi! I had the same pain as you in lower abdomen back and thighs. Also had pain really high up on right side, it almost felt like a sharp constant stitch sometimes and turned out that my bowel and stomach were stuck together by adhesions so just because your pain is too high for ovaries it really can spread anywhere! I was in the same position as you had several scans all came back clear and was made to feel like I was making it up! It is a struggle to get diagnosed but you know you're own body better than anyone and you know when there's something wrong, listen to your body and demand a second opinion!

    Hope you're feeling better soon! X

  • well folks its a week today i go to my gp to ask him to refer me for a second opinion..i have lots of info to ask for and to help support my case i will let you know how it all goes

  • ok been to gp and have been re reffered he caint beleive how i was treated so watch this space i caint thank you all enough for your support xx

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