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Pains have came back :( do I try the marina coil next, or is there anything else worth trying? I can't take these pains any more!

Hi, I haven't been on here for a while as I was just starting to feel like endometriosis was taking over my life, and after eventually getting a lap at the end of may after 7 years of horrendous pain, morphine and hospitals, I eventually got diagnosed with endometriosis and it was removed from around my bowel and right ovary! After an initial infection at first, the last couple of months have been great, I've had more energy and very little pain and have felt so much happier, however the last 2 weeks the pains have started to come back worse and worse! I'm still not on as much morphine as I was before op for the pain, but not far off, and I had stopped the morphine all together after my operation! I've had irregular bleeding when I'm on the pill back to back, getting pains down the tops of my legs an right hand side of my lower stomach and back and the tiredness has also crept back! I'm feeling really down as I thought the pain was gone for good or at least longer than a few months. I'm scared to let my family know actually how much pain I am in, as we were all so hopeful on this op doing the trick! Anyway I saw the doctor yesterday and they are now on about me getting the marina coil fitted, r they any good? Do they help the pains? Or does anyone have any other suggestions on what I can try? X

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Hi there, I know the feeling! :( I got the mirena coil put in before having my lap in march. I've found the coil has made my period a lot less heavy it still moderate bleed but a lot less than i had before! It has helped my pain a bit i'm not in pain for a many days as it's made my period lighter but i still have off months when i'm really sore, its never completely stopped me having a period. But it was gone some way to helping me. I'm not going to lie it was very sore to get inserted, i was only given numbing gel which i dont think worked! I do know that some people can get them put in under a general anesthetic if need be due to a failed or painful attempt without.

Also maybe let your family know how you feel hun, i'd had the same hope that my operation would help when it didn't, i wanted it to be a cure all but I've not had any change :( you need support too, let them in, i found it helps taking, i felt i'd let down family when i had not changes and they hoped for the best too but it felt better to get everything off my chest and vent.

Hope this helps, good luck x


Thank u for your reply! I've had a bet of a melt down and a cry to my boyfriend tonight about it all and he had let me mam and dad know, and ur right it was a weight of my shoulders, I just no they r fed up of all this too not just me and I feel so guilty about that! Yeah I've heard mixed reviews about the mirina coil and that it can hurt getting it put in! I just don't no what the best option is to do next! It was lovely being off morphine the last couple of months, my head felt clearer my concentration was better, I had more energy and no where near as drowsy and I hate having to be back on it again, I just want to be able to move forward with my life and get back to normal again like everyone else! X



I had the Mirena fitted recently and I wasn't painful at all, although I had local anaesthetic. I was a bit uncomfortable the fist couple of days but then it was fine. My recomendation is to give it a try as you can always get it removed whenever you want. Hope everything goes well!




Hi my mum has endo too and was offered the myrena or a hysterectomy... she chose myrena and said it was a God send! A miracle cure for her, it stopped her periods pretty much and the terrible pains that accompanied it. A close friend also claimed it was a miracle for her. I then tried to have it fitted but my body rejected it... two weeks after being put in, it was found lodged in the side of my womb! However I now wish to try for a baby so don't wish to try again with myrena. But given what great things I have heard about it I would recommend it to others. Go for it is what I would say. It stopped my mum from needing a hysterectomy so it must be good and you can always have it taken out if you don't like it. :) Good luck.


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