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Gluten free diet at hospital



Since having gluten free diet my stomach bloating is better and other symptoms. I am going to have a lap next week and likely to stay overnight as my lap is in the afternoon. If I am lucky to have it at the beginning of the afternoon and manage to go home at the same day, hospital will give me something to eat. When I had laps previously the first thing they gave me was a cup of tea and biscuits then either toast or evening meal. Will NHS give me gluten free food if I ask for even I am not diagnosed as a celiac?

Will I need to take my food to hospital?

I think a couple of gluten meal won't kill me but when I am not well I don't need my stomach to get bloat or get other symptom. I have been relatively gluten free and suddenly if I eat gluten food I get diarrhea.

I have a pre-assessment tomorrow so I will ask them but your experience / advice will be grateful.

Thank you


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If you're dependent on any special dietary requirements then take your own, because it's the only way to ensure you have something to eat that suits you and when you are ready to eat which may not be coinciding with standard ward meal times.

I always take in my own supplies these days, there's not much worse than being starved before an op, then walking up to find you have missed meal times and there's little to no options available to feed your starving stomach. You might not feel very hungry right after the op, especially if you are feeling nauseaus from the general anaesthetic, but later on having been starved for some 24 hrs you'll certainly be getting peckish for something and the usual back up foods on the ward are bread or toast and butter, or biscuits, neither of which is a gluten free option.

You may prefer to leave a food parcel at home for a relative or friend to bring in with them in the evening for you to feast on as and when you need to during the night. At least you won't have to cart it with you to hospital earlier in the day.

What options are on offer depends on the caterers contracted at that specific hospital, but it is very unlikely you will be able to get a customised menu for a short overnight stay. This is something you could discuss with the nurse at pre-op to see what if anything can be done to provide you with a gluten free snack, but I would strongly urge you to have your own safe foods brought in by visitors, as a safety net. Or bring them with you if there's a chance that you won't get a visitor the same evening after the op.

shukudai in reply to Impatient

Thanks Impatient. I will take some GF biscuits and something I like:)

Two laps ago, I was offered a meat pie for tea after the operation which I didn't have much choice! I didn't want to stomach anything but if I didn't I wasn't allowed to go home so I had to eat something!

My husband is coming to see me with my son but he will come straight after his work so I will pack my nice food in the hospital bag this time. Thanks


Hi Shukudai,

I don't come on the forum much these days but just saw this post by you. I just wanted to wish you all the very best with your lap next week.

Re the gluten, I agree and think you should take your own supplies and treats!


shukudai in reply to Brownlow

Thanks Brownlow

How are you? I don't come here very often either. I prefer the previous format.


I'd think I'd take your own food in; to be honest although starving the amount of pain dependant on what they've done to you- you may not want to eat anyway.

Big huge hugs. Good luck! Xxx

Make sure what you take in is in sealed containers or bags, if the hospital are under infection control they won't let you have opened food on the ward, so best to be safe. If you are on a gluten free diet for your health I think they have to give you the option, may be worth calling ahead to see if they can do that for you.

I am beginning to wonder if gluten has a link with endo, my symptoms are so much better without gluten too!

Good luck xxx

They supplied me with gluten free bread but apart from that always take your own stuff I think - don't have a gluten meal it will only make things irritated! If there's an opportunity to avoid it - avoid it :)

Tesco have a great range of stuff lately x good luck x

Glad to hear you are getting your lap,as I know you have been really suffering like lots of us. I would take some snack food with you,just in case but hospitals should cater for special diets.I am in Aberdeenshire and our hospital does have gluten free menu which I have sampled many times.However as you are hopefully only in overnight then you may not get to pre order your meals,but they should give you something you can eat.In the past I have missed meals an ended up with jelly as my only option!

I am going in on 28th for hysteroscopy and am taking with me - gluten free cornflakes,coconut milk( my op is the next day late afternoon ,so I may be able to eat breakfast. Also my staple ricecakes,gluten free ginger biscuits and gluten free oatcakes.I also take along cashew nuts for a nibble.Mints and peppermint oil( for wind),ginger tea and peppermint teabags.Think Ill need an extra bag for it!

Wishing you all the best for your op and do let us know how you get on.

shukudai in reply to daffodil

Thanks daffodil

I hope your hysteroscopy will get you somewhere better. Good luck to it. You need to take your fridge with you:)

I can't believe that I am having actual treatment lap! I had three diagnostic laps by different doctors and no one actually cut the bad bid off so I haven't been any better. I am hoping this lap will give me some relief...

Take care


Thank you everyone!

I had my pre-assessment yesterday and asked about gluten free meal and the nurse said they have some GF meal but she was not sure if they can prepare quickly so she told me to bring some.

My lap will be in the afternoon and I have a possibility staying overnight so I will take something I would like.

Take care


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