If you are going gluten free for endometriosis are there any cereals that you can have?

I am going gluten free for endometriosis and have been eating corn flakes but just found out that the malt in them contains gluten. However, apparently the gluten content in corn flakes is not high but obviously not suitable for coeliacs which I am not. If you are trying to avoid gluten for endometriosis does it matter if there are traces of gluten or do you need to cut it out altogether? Can you just look for foods which don't contain wheat? Gluten free products are all really expensive!


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  • Hi

    I follow the Endo diet and have cut out wheat, not all gluten, so it's not quite so restrictive. It's wheat that's more the problem for Endo. For breakfast I have normal porridge made with water instead of milk (the flavoured sachets), they contain gluten but only a possibility of traces of wheat. Ive cut out dairy as well, hence no milk! Also have fruit for breakfast quite a lot but its nit enough on work days! Same with ryevita, there are 4 or 5 varieties that don't contain wheat (the ones with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc) so I have them for lunch most days. You're right that the gluten free products are really expensive, I've been doing the diet since July and have managed to work it so that the only replacement product I but is the free from pasta which isn't much more than the normal pasta if you buy the supermarket free from brand and occasionally I buy the free from pita breads and freeze them.

    Hayls x

  • Great cheers. That should make life easier if just cutting out wheat as opposed to gluten. I've replaced milk with almond milk. It's quite nice actually and really low in calories but has the same amount of calcium as dairy milk. Do you find it makes a difference? I've not been doing it strictly until now as I have just had lap to remove the endo so thought I should start properly now. Does it make a difference to pain and fatigue? I'm also ttc at the moment so am hoping it will make a difference there too.

  • Hi

    I have found that it's made a massive difference, it's reduced the amount of days I'm in bad pain each month (10-14 days down to about 5 days) but unfortunately the pain has still got worse, just less days of pain. I started it straight after a lap and because I was ttc as well, if you look at fertility diets there are some similarities so I thought it was worth a shot. However, unfortunately for me the pain has just got too much so I'm going to try prostrap injections for a bit as I need a break but I'm going to stick with the diet as well as overall it's made me feel more in control and a lot healthier most of the time. I do definitely think its worth trying x

  • Yep I too avoid wheat and caffeine. Most oat based cereals I have found I'm alright with. X

  • Great thanks. I always check the label on the regular oats / porridge and they say 'may contain gluten' but if wheat is the issue more than 'traces of gluten' that'll be A LOT cheaper!

  • Hi ktbear.

    I wasn't aware there are ryvita without wheat.

    I too am following the diet as best I can.

    You say you have then for lunch most days, what do you have them with?

    I always think you have to have cream cheeses & dairylea which of course are not good.

    I tend to eat a lot of tuna & quinoa x

  • Hi,

    I didn't know there were ryvita that don't contain wheat either. I've been buying rice cakes instead. I would usually put houmous on them. I love it and its supposed to be a 'good' food for endo. X

  • how about normal tea? my problem is i dont have any pain so i will not know if what I am eating will aggravate my endo or not. my lap was 8 months ago and i just stopped visanne recently and got my period after a month since the treatment is over. it's tough to know what kind of food to eat and avoid.

  • Porridge is gulten free :0).

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